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Joann Hoffman Rodriguez, BHS '65 (1947-1993)

Joann Marie Rodriguez
September 2, 1947-October 10, 1993

Joann Hoffman graduated from Burbank High School, Burbank, California, in 1965.

Address: Orange, CA
Birth Place: California
Mother Maiden: Robb
Father Last: Hoffman

RIP Joann.

Rick Parks, BHS '65, Passed Away May 17, 2019

Richard "Rick" Parks

Message to Trudie Hentz from Sue Fields Templeton:

"Sadly I have to tell you we lost another dear friend & classmate of BHS Class of 1965. Ken received a call from Ron Parks on May 18th that his brother Rick had passed away on May 17th in Arizona from lymphoma at the age of 72. Rick is survived by his brothers Ronald Parks of Sun City, Arizona and Russell Parks of Carlsbad, California and his son Mica of Idaho. Ron & Terry, Russ & Beth & Mica are in our prayers & thoughts on the passing of their love one. That's all we know at this time."

RIP Rick.

Charles Kroum, BHS '65 (1947-2012)

Charles E Kroum Jr.
April 26, 1947 – August 3, 2012

Charles E Kroum was born on April 26, 1947 and passed away on August 3, 2012 in Colorado Springs, CO.

Chapel of Memories
Colorado Springs, CO


Saturday, June 29, 2019

Bob Thomas, BHS '66, Passed Away in 1988

Bob Thomas

John Peter Villasenor posted on Facebook, July 15, 2013, that his classmate Bob Thomas had died November 1988.

RIP Bob.

Craig Pew, BHS '64 (1946-2002)

Craig Pew

News | November 23, 2002
The Union Staff

Services for Craig Allen Pew of Grass Valley will be at 3 p.m. today at the Pelton Wheel Museum park area in Grass Valley.

Mr. Pew died Wednesday, Nov. 20, in Grass Valley. He was 55.

He was born on Dec. 4, 1946, in Burbank, to Charles and Deane Pew. He served in the U.S. Air Force. He enjoyed hiking, mining and target shooting.

He is survived by his daughter, Deana Pew; brother, Robert Pew; niece, Lynsey Pew; and nephew, Jeffrey Pew.

Arrangements are under the direction of Hooper and Weaver Mortuary.


RIP Craig.


Found this photo of Craig's 45 record along with this note:
"Craig Pew, I have your record. Actually, I have several of your 45's, and this is just one of them. I found them in Northern California at a shop that sells Jeans! They were in a box of about 150 discs, and many belonged to you. How they got from Burbank to Grass Valley is still a mystery to me. Listening to this record, I actually liked the flip called "Nancy Lynne". Usually your name was placed on the "hit" side, but this one could have been a real sleeper. Dick D'Agostin and the Swingers was a good ensemble,and one of five records I know he recorded. Craig Pew, your record collection was dumped in a non-record store for a pittance, and I seemed to benefit, as usual. I am really liking the way that sounds. Do you have more records, and you're holding out on me?"


BHS Class 1966 Deceased Classmates
by Linda Schuster Mazur, BHS '66

Anthony Aguilera (?)
Bob Alexander
Rick Angel
John Antonucci
Tim Atzei
Glenn Bagley
Greg Bailey
Marsha Bailey
Terry Baker
Tom Bammel
John Baumgartner
Larry Beard
Jacque 'Jock' Beauregard
Rick Bell
Christine Bencheck
Jim Bennett
Nancy Black McKibbin Bostdorff
Phyllis Blackwood
Larry Bressie
Jim Brownlee
Alan Buckley
Lee Carlson - deceased 2013?
Joanne Carone
Bill Caughey
Terry Cooper
Jarvy Copeland
Jim Davis
Don Delg
Anthony Di Cesare - deceased 1974
Dave Dupree
Robert Espinoza
JoAnn Fitzhugh Mumby
Jim Fleming - deceased 1997
Pam Giesel
Margie Goldberg
Susan Groves Smith
Penny Hagge Gordon
Greg Hansen
Greg Harm
Mike Hearn
Ron Hold
Julie Hornbeck Feenstra
Burdett Houser
Michael Hughes - deceased April 8, 2008
Doug Humphrey
Judy Humphrey
Carol Johnson Oliver
Nancy Johnson
Leon Keddington
Dave Keith
Kathy Kelly
Sally Krouse
Allen Kuszewski
Corrine Lee Swanson
Alan Leger
Ken LeValley - deceased 2002
Carol Lewis Schmidt
Randy Logan
Bob Lovejoy
Steve Marcus
Larry Maxam
Karry McEntire Hughes
Linda McGinnis Schlottmann
Tokey McGinnis Rossie
Jerry McWilliams
Gary Metcalf
Randie Miller
Vic Moon
Judy Moore
Susan Naccarato Mehmen
Nancy Newbro Ryan
Marion Niers
Tom Parlin
Bob Pease
Marilyn Peterson
Rick Polikowski
Kathleen Potorski Stratton
Sue Powley Kennedy
Bob Quintanar
Brenda Riley
Janet Riley
Maria Rogan
Bob Romansky
Dave Rugee
Al Sanford
Ron Scott
Al Shabazian
Maureen Shapiro Thompson
Sharon Sparling
Ramonde Steil Mattioli
Steve Striker
Bob Thomas
Alice Tirre
Darrel Toland
Kathleen Truesdale 
Stephen Watson
Sharon Wernsing
Bill Wood
Phil Young 
Bob Zwissler


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Roger Earl Saul, BHS '65 (1946-1998)

Roger Earl Saul
1946 - 1998

Roger Earl Saul was born on November 9, 1946, in California, to Robert Rowe Saul and Mae Adola Saul.

He graduated from Burbank High School, Burbank, California, in 1965.

Roger passed away on October 20, 1998, at age 51 in Colorado.

RIP Roger.

Sandra Chestnut Jacintho, BHS '65 (1946-2006)

Sandra Kay Chestnut Jacintho
July 30, 1946-May 5, 2006

Sandra Kay Jacintho, 59, of San Diego died May 5, 2006. She was born in Pasadena and was a security guard at Sharp Hospital. She was a member of the Loving Mothers Club.

Survivors include her sons, Steve Southerland and Jason Jacintho of El Cajon; mother, Kathryn Hart of Cherry Valley; stepparents, Robert Slager of Cherry Valley and Patricia Chestnut of Grass Valley; sister, Pamela Hart of Cherry Valley; and brother, Thomas Chestnut of Lake Elizabeth.

Donations: American Cancer Society, 2655 Camino del Rio N., Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92108.

Arrangements: Balboa Cremation Services.

Published in The San Diego Union Tribune on May 21, 2006


RIP Sandy.

Jim Borg, BHS '65 (1947-1969)

Jim Borg

James Eric Borg was born May 30, 1947, in Indiana to Laverne A. Borg and Ivy Winifred Johnson.

He graduated from Burbank High School, Burbank, California, in 1965.

Jim died October 2, 1969, in Orange County, California.

RIP Jim.

Ron Benom, BHS '65 (1947-1992)

Ron Benom

Ronald Jeffrey Benom was born August 5, 1947, to Joseph and Betty Benom.

He grew up in Burbank, California, and graduated from Burbank High School in 1965.

While living in Pasadena, California, Ron passed away in 1992.

RIP Ron.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Charles Walter Rosenthal, BHS '65, Passed Away in 2006

Charles Walter Rosenthal

While on ski patrol at Mammoth, a terrible accident occurred and Charles was one of three who lost their lives. Below are various accounts of the incident. RIP Charles.

Here is what Mammoth has to say.

April 7, 2006

Contact: Rusty Gregory, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area CEO 760.934.0645

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, CA -- At approximately 11:29am yesterday, Thursday, April 6, 2006, four experienced Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrollers were inspecting the mountain after recent heavy snowstorms. The patrollers were fencing off a natural hazard, a deep gas vent, on Christmas Bowl run, east of Chair 3 when the snow around the vent collapsed. Two patrollers, John McAndrews and James Juarez, fell into the approximately 6-ft hole, down 21 feet of snow to the earth. Two patrollers attempting to help, Walter Rosenthal and Jeff Bridges, descended into the hole. Members of Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol working nearby quickly initiated additional rescue efforts and were assisted by the Mammoth Lakes Fire Department and Mono County Paramedics. The victims were immediately transported to Mammoth Hospital. Mammoth Mountain Ski Patroller Jeff Bridges survived and Rosenthal, McAndrews and Juarez perished as a result of the accident.

Additional employees who assisted in the rescue were transported to Mammoth Hospital for observation. A total of seven were admitted and six were kept overnight including Bridges. All are expected to be released by mid-morning today.

The cause of death has not yet been determined by the Mono County Sheriff's Department but is possibly due to oxygen deprivation and/or being overcome by toxic gasses. The information will be released pending autopsies and toxicological results.


James Juarez, 35, a five-year veteran of Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol originally from Granada Hills, California.

John "Scott" McAndrews, 37, a Mammoth Mountain Ski Patroller for one year from Bishop, California.

Charles Walter Rosenthal, 58, of Sunny Slopes, California a veteran of Mammoth Mountain Ski Patroller since 1972.

--- end ----

Seeing his colleagues in danger, Charles Rosenthal, 58, of Sunny Slopes, Calif., a veteran of the ski patrol since 1972, went into the pit.

He carried oxygen tanks for each of his friends, but wore none himself. "He too was overcome," said Gregory.

Gregory said Rosenthal moved into the area "without regard for his own life…it was truly a poignant human tragedy."

At that point, a fourth ski patroller, Jeff Bridges, 51, went into the hole, using an oxygen tank. He too was quickly overcome.

Finally, an unidentified patroller (dave from the above post?), attached to a rope, went in without oxygen and pulled Bridges to safety.

--- end ----

Mammoth Mountain, CA- Rusty Gregory, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Chairman and CEO issued the following statement to the community today:

"The community of Mammoth Mountain is much larger than our family of 2,800 employees or the 7,000 full time residents in the Town of Mammoth Lakes. You are part of our community and I know you feel, as I do, that the loss of our patrollers in last Thursday's tragic accident has broken our hearts and ripped at our gut. Many of you have e-mailed me wonderful ideas on how best to raise money and respectfully honor the memory of Walter, James and Scott. Instead of working on many separate
small-scale efforts, I want to give us all one big idea that will raise a significant amount of money for the families and give us all something to focus on to ease the pain we feel. I have decided to contribute all -- 100% without any deduction or adjustment -- of this Friday's gross ticket sales to provide financial support to the Rosenthal, McAndrews and Juarez families and to create a permanent tribute on the mountain to our fallen heroes. I encourage you to participate this Friday, April 14, in a day of solidarity to honor the memory of Charles Walter Rosenthal, James J. Juarez, John Scott McAndrews and to recognize Mammoth Mountain's Ski Patrol and their brothers and sisters of alpine safety and rescue professionals world-wide who risk their lives so the rest of us may enjoy the wonder of our mountains."

--- end ----

Charles Walter Rosenthal

Walter was a working scientist and dedicated member of the Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol. He held a master’s degree from The University of California Santa Barbara in geography and worked as a researcher for the Institute for Computational Earth System Science. He also worked as a teaching assistant in the Department of Geography at UCSB. He published numerous articles on remote sensing of snow and avalanche forecasting methods. In the summers, he worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory as a remote sensing expert. On patrol, Walter was the Snow and Avalanche Analyst and served as the President of the Eastern Sierra Avalanche Center which he helped to found. He was a friend and mentor to many. Walter is well known among climbers and skiers in California for his first ascents in Yosemite Valley and for his first ski descents in the High Sierra. He started working for Mammoth Mountain in 1972-73. He joined the ski patrol in 1981-82 season.

--- end ----

April 9, 2016
FREE Vol. 14, No. 15
TEN YEARS AFTER Mammoth remembers fallen patrollers

Hundreds gathered on Top of the World on April 6 to remember Scotty Andrews, James Juarez and Walt Rosenthal

10 years after the tragic event that took the three ski patrollers’ lives. A memorial was held on Wednesday for Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrollers, John “Scott” McAndrews, James Juarez and Charles “Walter” Rosenthal, marking the 10th anniversary of the tragic accident that took their lives. In 2006, McAndrews and Juarez were clearing snow from around a fumarole after a heavy snowfall. The snow gave way underneath the two, and they fell into a hole filled with carbon dioxide. Rosenthal went in after the two but was quickly overcome by the gas and perished as well. Hundreds of family, friends and supporters gathered on the top of Mammoth Mountain to remember and toast their fallen comrades. The memorial was more celebration than grieving and a fitting tribute for the three men. Mammoth’s Dan Flynn and McAndrews were rookie ski patrollers in 2005. Flynn told The Sheet Scotty was “the kindest, most generous man in the world.” Scottie had a degree in special education, but the mountains called to him and he never got a chance to put the degree to work. However, he was passionate about inner-city kids and getting them outdoors. Flynn said the Scott McAndrews Memorial Fund has been set up to help those kids get outside. He was voted “Rookie of the Year” in 2005 with no competition. Walter Rosenthal’s snow science professor at UC Santa Barbara, Jeff Dozier, said he had “a sense of fairness” when dealing with other people, be it a pro skier or female patroller.

--- end ---


UC Santa Barbara Researcher Dies in Mammoth Mountain Gas Vent Accident
By Paul Desruisseaux
Friday, April 7, 2006 - 17:00
Santa Barbara, CA

A UC Santa Barbara researcher was among three men who died at Mammoth Mountain in the eastern Sierra on Thursday, April 6, when the trio, all members of the local ski patrol, fell into a volcanic gas vent as they tried to rope off the unsafe area.

Charles Walter Rosenthal, 58, was an assistant specialist with UCSB's Institute for Computational Earth System Science. He was based at a field site in Mammoth known as the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory (SNARL). It is a component of the Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve, which is a part of the UC Natural Reserve System. He also was employed seasonally as a member of the ski patrol at Mammoth Mountain. He reportedly died when he tried to rescue two colleagues who first fell into the hole, called a fumarole, near the bottom of the China Bowl run.

Rosenthal, who was known by his middle name, had worked as a researcher for the Institute for Computational Earth System Science (ICESS) since 1991. He earlier had been a teaching assistant in the Department of Geography, where he earned a master's degree. He was expecting to return to UCSB in the fall to continue work on his Ph.D. He resided in Mammoth with his wife, Lori, a printmaker in the eastern Sierra Nevada, and their 14-year-old daughter, Lily.

In a statement, UCSB Chancellor Henry T. Yang said: "Our UCSB family is deeply saddened by the tragic loss of our colleague Walter Rosenthal. He was a researcher doing important work in the field of snow hydrology. He was a highly respected guide and mentor for many, known for his spirit in helping others. Our hearts go out to his family and loved ones, who have suffered such a terrible loss. Our campus community will miss Walter, and will always remember and appreciate his many contributions. Our campus flag is lowered today in his memory."

Rosenthal was involved in snow hydrology research and remote sensing. He worked closely with geographer Jeff Dozier, the founding dean and a professor at UCSB's Bren School of Environmental Science and Management.

Said Dozier: "As our friend, colleague, guide, and teacher, Walter had an insightful intellect and an engaging enthusiasm for the study of snow. He had worked in the ski area since the early 1980s, but had always maintained an interest in research and had returned to the university in his 40s to complete his master's degree in geography in 1994."

At the time of his death, Rosenthal and Dozier had been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to examine sintering in snow, the process by which snow grains bond with each other and increase the stability of the snow pack.

"Having realized that four decades of sintering theory were at odds with observations and with theories for other materials, Walter was planning to enroll in the Bren School's Ph.D. program next fall," said Dozier. "His work would have changed the way the world thinks about processes within the mountain snow pack."

Daniel Dawson, the director of the Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve of the UC Natural Reserve System, called Rosenthal "a gifted mathematician who did novel work in image processing." He noted how Rosenthal had been a ski patrol member for many years and had served as the lead avalanche forecaster for Mammoth Mountain. "Supposedly, April 1 was his last day at the mountain and he just went back in yesterday to help out, knowing they would be shorthanded after the big storm."

A memorial service for all three ski patrol members who died --­ James Juarez, Scott McAndrews, and Rosenthal -- will be held Friday, April 14, at 6:30 p.m. at the old gondola station, Main Lodge, Mammoth Mountain. The memorial is open to the public.

A memorial fund to benefit Rosenthal's family has been established at the Union Bank of Mammoth Lakes. Contributions to the Walter Rosenthal Memorial Fund can be sent to Union Bank, PO Box 2729, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546.


Tuesday, June 25, 2019


BHS Class 1965 Deceased Classmates
by Trudie Lombard Hentze, BHS '65

Francis Ahier Garris
James Ahlberg
Colleen Anderson
Louis Ballard
Cliff Bean
Ronald Benom
Brian Berry
Donald Bopp
James Borg
Pamela Sue Bornemann Brown
James Boyd
Don Brennan
Robert Brooks
Kenton Brown
Donald Burnside
Dave Campbell
Robert Campbell
Sandra Chestnut Jacintho
Martin Chielens
Thomas Christian
Loretta Christoffersen Bolton
Virginia “Ginny” Lynn Clausen Pokorny
James Cochran
April Crevier
Richard Paul Cummings
Gregory Norris Davis
Jonathan Davis
Robert Desentz
Deeann Dickens
Douglas Dispensiero
Stephen Edward Durham
Allan Elmore
Jack Fitzpatrick
Thomas Fonte
Patricia Freeman
Phyllis Friend Zimmerman
Steven Gillins
Bonnie Grasse Reinhold
Howard Graul
David Grinnell
Jackie Grumley Clark
Ron Grygus
Sandra Hamblin Perry
Sharon Hansen Cerda
Christine Alice Harden Rife
Pamela Jeanne Herrick Neil
Ward Hill
JoAnn Hoffman Rodriguez
Kenneth Holland
Timothy Humphries
Virginia Johnston Shadwick
Richard Jones
Barbara Jonkey Hastings
Jack Kimmins
Charles Kroum Jr
John Kunert
Larry Lage
Doug Lamb
Lynn Larsen Carr
Valerie Lotkar
Arthur Lund
John Tyler McCauley
Gary McClain 
Sally Mehling Becker
Donald Melton
Jeannine Metcalf Dwyer
Faul Millar
Madelyn Clementine Miluso
Gloria Mischke Metcalf
Pam Moller Brennan
Gary Moore
Lynn Murphy
Richard Nadon
Scott Nibert Crawford
Richard Niemeier
Hetty Niers Gaeb
Stephen Nogar
Mitchell Orloff
Susan Otterstrom
Joe Palazzola
Rick Parks
Gary Pinnell
Oscar Carlos Pokorny
Nancy Prater Reitherman
James Prinz
Paul Quaglieri
William Reed
Majorie Reeser Ballenger
Sharon Rempel
Ronald Rich
Thomas Richer
Candice Anne Roberts Adermatt
Charles Rosenthal
Roger Saul
Marlene Schoepfer Russing
Charles Searles
Judy Seydoux
John Anthony Skirius
Donald Smith
Herschel Smith
Robert Steele
Kathleen Marie Sullivan Himes
Edward Lee Voliva
Beverly Warner Richards
Donna Marie Weil Raeder
Theresa Whalen Draper
Diane Williams
Ronald Woodburn
Marilyn Yanche
Chuck Zaremba
Sandra Lee Zimmerman Zion


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Gary Pinnell, BHS '65 Passed Away in 2005


Gary Pinnell passed away on October 8, 2005, at the age of 58.

Gary graduated Burbank High School in 1965, and attended Valley College for three years before entering in to the United States Army in 1968. He served as a sergeant in Vietnam from 1969 to 1970. He resided as a business owner in Riverside, California 15 years before returning to Burbank in 1988.

Gary is survived by his mother, Gladys Pinnell; brother, Ken; Jeri Pinnell; nephew, Jaime; and niece, Jennifer.

A Memorial Service is planned for October 22, 2005, 11:00 a.m., at Valley Funeral Home, 2121 Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Gary's name to the MS Society of Southern California, 2240 Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 115, Los Angeles, CA 90064 or (310) 479-4456.

Published in Los Angeles Daily News on Oct. 16, 2005


RIP Gary

John Kunert, BHS '65 (1947-2005)

John William Kunert

John William Kunert was born in Burbank, CA on May 21st, 1947 and died May 13th, 2005.

He graduated from Burbank High School in 1965 and faithfully served his country in the United States Army. John retired from 34 years of service from the United States Post Office and was a resident of North Hollywood, CA for 28 years.

A devoted husband and loving father, he is survived by his wife, Lynn; daughter, Jennifer; son, Kevin; mother, Rosalie; sister, Karen; brothers, Rod, Bob and Brian.

Viewing to be held at Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills, Tuesday, May 17th, 2005, 4 to 9 p.m. Funeral Services on Wednesday, May 18th, 2005, 3 p.m., Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills.

Published in the Los Angeles Times on May 14, 2005


Find A Grave link

Jim Boyd, BHS '65 (1947-2007)

James Boyd

Jim was born in 1947 and grew up in Burbank, CA. He received his bachelor's degree from the San Diego State and his Ph.D in Economics from UCSB.

Jim married Deborah Lindlbad in 1973 and they moved to Northern California when Jim began working for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

In 1981 Jim started a real estate investment firm, Interstate Equities Corporation which he led successfully for 26 years. Jim was also an avid sportsman and collector. Jim passed peacefully at his home in Los Altos Hills from complications of lymphoma.

He is survived by his father Gene Boyd, sister Cheryl Zimmerman, brother Gary Boyd, wife Deborah Boyd, and children, Julia, Marshall and Laura Boyd.

Interment will be in Santa Barbara on Friday. In lieu of flowers, contributions to help find a cure for cancer may be sent directly to: The V Foundation for Cancer Research in memory of James Boyd, 106 Towerview Court, Cary, NC 27513.

Published in San Jose Mercury News on Mar. 7, 2007



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Jonathan Davis, BHS '65, Passed Away in 2008

9/17/2008 Email From Chris Powers Houlihan, Bhs '65:

Jonathan C. Davis passed away with a massive heart attack on Thursday, Sept. 11, 2008, at the age of 61.

Jon Davis spent his senior year at BHS and went on to UCLA on a Regents' Scholarship to receive degrees in both Psychology and Math. He completed his MA and Ph.D. at the University of Toronto and post graduate work at McGill University in Montreal. He had a thriving practice as a clinical psychologist in Montreal for the past 35 years.

He leaves five children -- Deric 31, Tamara 28, Alexander 24, Brittany 16 and Kelsey 14. He would say that his children were his greatest accomplishment. He also leaves his three brothers Edward, James (BHS 66) and Harold (BHS 70?).

His funeral will be held on Friday, Sept. 19 at 10 AM in Montreal's Centre funeraire Cote-des-Neiges, Quebec, Canada.

Attached is a recent photo of Jon from the MontrΓ©al Gazette Sept. 17 Obituaries.

I was married to Jon from 1968 until 1974.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Mark Williamson, BHS '69 (1951-2018)

Mark Williamson
July 9, 1951 - September 1, 2018

On September 1, 2018, Mark Williamson passed away from complications from diabetes in St Charles, Missouri.

Mark DeWitt Williamson, Sr., of Saint Charles, Missouri, passed away on Saturday, September 1, 2018 at the age of 67. Beloved son of Marvin DeWitt Williamson and the late Agnes M. Williamson; devoted father of Kerri Williamson,, Mark (Becky) Williamson, Jr., Ashley Williamson, and Christopher Williamson; proud grandfather of Aniyah Williamson-Curry, Aiden Williamson, Charlie Williamson, Mason Minardi, Desirae Giddens, Arabella Giddens, and Jeremiah Williamson; loving brother of Maryjo (Ron) Bass; and treasured uncle of Brandi Bass, Tyler Bass, and Jake Bass. He is also survived by his former wife, Patti Williamson and many extended family members.

Mark was a lover of all music. In his free time, he enjoyed reading and collecting memorabilia, especially from The Beatles. Mark was a DeMolay Mason. Most of all, he cherished the time he spent with his family. Mark was loved by many and will be missed by all who had the privilege to know him.

Memorial contributions may be made in Mark’s honor to the American Diabetes Association.

RIP Mark.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Steve Dobbie, BHS '69 (1951-2010)

Steven Ross Dobbie
January 26, 1951 - December 6, 2010

Steve Dobbie, 59 years of age, died in a parking lot of natural causes - heart disease.

Steve is survived by brother, Craig Dobbie, BHS class of 1972.


RIP Steve.

Kenneth Gelber, BHS '61 (1944-2019)

Kenneth Gelber

Today on Facebook Lynne Spitza Michels posted:
"Kenneth Gelber, BHS class of 1961, recently passed away.
He was born January 22, 1944 and died April 11, 2019.
Ken was an accountant who lived in the Sherman Oaks area."

Service Date: April 15, 2019
Service Time: 12:30 pm
Mount Sinai Hollywood Hills - TaNaCH Chapel
5950 Forest Lawn Drive
Los Angeles, California 90068



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Debi Ivey Dyer, BHS '69 (1950-2010)

Deborah Sue (Ivey) Dyer
December 24, 1950 – March 25, 2010
Santa Barbara

Mon, Apr 05, 2010
In Memoriam

May She Rest In Peace

Deborah (Debi, or Deb to friends, family and colleagues), was the daughter of James and Betty Ivey, wife to Jim Dyer, mother to James and Stephanie Dyer, and grandmother to Jaime Dyer and Cole Preston She also mothered her children’s friends, and her house was a welcoming one in Santa Barbara’s Mission Canyon neighborhood for years. Debi started her family young and became an exemplary homemaker while still in her early twenties. She was a beautiful woman, a good friend, a great cook, and soccer mom. Deb was a regular volunteer at the schools her children attended as well as enjoying the outdoors. She and Jim built their mountain home, literally by hand, and she was involved in all aspects of that in the design and construction of the house she would call home for more than thirty five years.

When her husband was injured and retired from the Santa Barbara Fire Department, Debi went back to work to support the family during his long recovery. Starting as a bookkeeper with the Community Housing Corporation of Santa Barbara, she rapidly rose to a prominent management position. CHC found out, as her children already knew, that if you wanted to get a difficult job done she was exactly the woman to put in charge.

After her children were grown Deb spent more than ten years sailing with her husband Jim, first aboard the Nereid along the Pacific Coast of California and Mexico. Several years later they acquired Mah Jong and sailed her throughout the east coast, Bahamas, and the Caribbean. As in most of Deb’s endeavors, she was an accomplished helmswoman, and has a number of classic sailboat race wins to her credit; as well as many thousands of cruising miles to more than a dozen countries.

She was a voracious reader who taught her children to love books and learning. She could cook with the best of them, in her kitchen the galley, or over a campfire with equal grace and panache.

Debi died peacefully at Cottage Hospital early Thursday, March 25th 2010, after a brief illness. She is survived by her father, husband, two brothers, two children, two grandchildren, and a plethora of other relatives and friends. She will be sorely missed by all of us who loved her, and we only wish that she had been given more time with us before being called away.

Those wishing to honor her may do so by contributing to the cause closest to their heart.


Nancy Russo Ross, BHS '69, Murdered in 1995

Nancy Russo

What a tragedy! According to daughter Mandey Russo: 
"My mom was murdered on January 3rd 1995 in Glendale CA. She shouldn't have gone that way, but as I look at it, God needed her more than we did here on earth! She's in a much better place, shining down upon us now.. i miss our trips to Zuma beach.. she taught me well, how to roast in the sun, on the sand, listening to the waves break.. She's definitely missed!"


GLENDALE : Man, 45, Facing Murder Charges
January 20, 1995

A 45-year-old Glendale man has been arrested in connection with the death of a woman whose body was found in his apartment last week, police said Thursday.

Paul Thomas was arrested Tuesday and arraigned Thursday in Glendale Municipal Court on murder charges. Police were called to Thomas' residence on North Adams Street at 3:21 p.m. last Friday where they discovered the body of the woman, said Glendale police spokesman Chahe Keuroghelian.

The woman has been identified as Nancy Ross, 43, of Burbank by Scott Carrier, a spokesman with the Los Angeles County coroner's office. He said the autopsy report has not been completed.

A Burbank Police Department spokesman would not comment on the case Thursday, but confirmed that Burbank police did receive a missing persons report which "may be connected to a murder investigation in Glendale."


Scott Royle, BHS '69 (1950-2014)

Ronald Scott Royle
Burbank, California

Ronald Scott Royle was born on August 28, 1950 and passed away on November 20, 2014 in Roseville, CA.


Gary Galloway, BHS '69 (1951-2007)

Gary Galloway


Born April 22, 1951 in Glendale California, died Nov ember 21, 2007 in his home from lung cancer.

Gary grew up in Burbank, California and attended Burbank High, where he lettered in water polo. He was active in a local church's youth group through his teens. Gary and some of the other youth counselors started a coffee house in the basement of this local church and began to go out in the community to reach out to other youths. They had much success and their attendance was growing. But, when the church elders started to notice that many of the youths attending were actually troubled, they felt it would make the church look bad and closed down the coffee house.

Gary's calling in life was to help people, all people, with no judgment or thought of self. He carried this into his almost 30 year career in law enforcement. Gary devoted 21 of those years investigating the most sensitive of cases - crimes against children and sexual assault. Although this specialty assignment is associated with a high level of burn out, Gary excelled because he deeply cared about protecting the victims and prosecuting the perpetrators of these crimes. He received many commendations over the course of his career, which is certainly a testament to the high standards he set for himself.

But, his true legacy is all that he has done for others. To have known him is to have loved him, to have admired him, to have learned from him. This man will be deeply, deeply missed.

Gary is survived by his loving and devoted wife, Victoria Bolt; his sons, Gregory Galloway, Robert and Darren Johnson from his first marriage; his parents, Leslie and Colleen Galloway; his sister and brother-in-law, Kathleen and Dayton Rinard; his niece and great nephew, Kimberly and Mario Penaloza; and many, many more friends and relatives.

Memorial services will be held at Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley on Saturday, December 1, 2007, 10:30 a.m. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Casa Pacifica, which provides shelter and programs for abused and neglected children. Visit www.casapacif or mail your donation to: Casa Pacifica, 1722 South Lewis Rd., Camarillo, CA 93012.

We love you sweetheart!

Published in Los Angeles Daily News on Nov. 28, 2007


Steve Kubelka, BHS '69 (1951-1990)

Steve Kubelka
April 23,1951-January 22,1990


Steve left this world on Jan. 22 to join his lover, Charlie Weaver, who had passed away only seven weeks earlier. Steve bravely participated in the S.F.General Compound Q study last yearin the hope that he could make a difference in the AIDS epidemic. That treatment failed to make a difference in Steve’s own life expectancy, though.Steve died of an AIDS-related illness with his mother at his side at Eisenhower Medical Center in Palm Springs.

Steve was a longtime resident of San Francisco. He had just moved himself and his lover to Palm Springs in October. His hope was that he could extend both their lives in the more tranquil surroundings of the desert.

Steve is survived by his parents, Bob and Pat of Burbank, his brothers, Bob Jr. and Mike, and the many friends he had in San Francisco.

Steve devoted his life to Charlie. He constantly strived to better their lives. After Charlie was disabled by the effects of Compound Q, Steve was not satisfied to trust Charlie’s care to healthcare professionals. He made Charlie’s care and rehabilitation his full time job.

Steve was also the best of friends. He was a great listener who was never judgmental. He was there to share the fun times and he was always supportive during the bad times. Steve was an avid collector of dance music and spent many hours mixing music and composing tapes for his friends’ enjoyment. He was greatly loved and is already sorely missed.

A memorial of Steve’s life will be held during March. For information, please call 558-9037. Donations may be made in Steve’s name to the Shanti Project or the S.F. General AIDS Ward
Volunteer Program. ▼


BHS Class 1969 Deceased Classmates
by Larry O'Brien, BHS '69

Doug Albert
Denise Arredondo
Debi Barham
Brad Bartsch
Karen Bond
Scott Boyd
Leota Caleel
Bob Childress
Jim Collard
Rick Cook
DeeDee Crews
Dale Criscione
Bob Cross
Steve Dobbie
Ron Faris
Linda Frigerio
Gary Galloway
Kirk Groves
Tom Hays
Sandy Herzog
John Holst
Debi Ivey (see Jr yr for pic)
John Kimble
Steve Kubelka
Jamie Lark
Melodie Maloof
Mike Melnikoff
Joan Miller
Phyllis Minges
Kent Nebeker
Lois Norton Mertens
Holly Oden
Randy Richter
Greg Robinson
Susan Ross
Scott Royle
Helene Rubalcava (see Jr yr pic)
Nancy Russo
Jim Saucier
Steve Stromsoe
Ralph Swagler
Mike Tampa
Ron Thompson
Randy Unch
Frances von Seggern
Ruth Wood
Sandi Wilkes
Mark Williamson
Dennis Woods

Link to Senior photos of Class 1969

"Still a work in progress..." Pete Richie

Mike Tampa, BHS '69, Passed Away June 5, 2019

Mike Tampa

Just received this email from Larry O'Brien:
"Mike Tampa passed away on June 5, 2019, from a heart attack in Durango, Colorado. He had been fighting colon cancer and chemo complications."

Bonita Parsons Wilkie wrote:
"Just so sad and scary to be losing our dear friends. Thank you for telling us. Tampa and I used to make each other laugh until tears poured down our faces. We had this routine we would play together, over and over, as chipmunks. He would be Chippy and I was Chippella. He would make these hilarious chipmunk squeaky sounds with his lips. It never got old. Brings tears to my eyes remembering this simple funny little game that brought us so much joy. I can't believe he is gone, nor the others. Just way too soon."

RIP Mike.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Steve Striker, BHS '66 Passed Away June 8, 2019

Steve Striker

Sad news posted on Facebook today...
"To the friends of Steven Striker:
Steven passed away of natural causes on June 8th. Our family is requesting privacy at this time.
For information about the upcoming memorial, please contact us at:
Thank you,
The Striker Family"

Scott Bruckner posted...
"I found out last night that a friend of mine from High School died. We had reconnected and saw each other periodically over the past several years. He was whip smart, had a great wife and family, and was a joy to talk to. We were supposed to have dinner in a few weeks. He, his wife and mine, along with Bill Paige and his wife. We had great times together. We will all miss you Steve Striker. What a shock. Life is so fragile. So sad."

RIP Steve

1966 Burbank High School Ceralbus Yearbook

Bruce Williams
Remember him well

Ron Hagg
oh no. RIP Steve.

Dona Foy Porcaro Bruckner
Scott and I are heartbroken, we were scheduled to have dinner on July 7th. RIP dear friend πŸ˜‚

Linda C. Mustion

Pat Bushman
My prayers and condolences to his family and friends. Rest In Peace.

Vicki Herrin Fields
Rest in Peace

Adele Bassett

Timothy Wilde

Peggy Melton Cyphers

Edie Walker
Awww, guess I can confess now that he was one of my crushes in High School. Often wondered what he was doing later in years. So sad to hear this. RIP Steve. I have fond memories 😒

Jolene Caughey
My class. RIP.

Martha Rios

Julie Guttridge
Such a shocker. We had fun at our 50th reunion with all us aging Bulldogs. Blessings to Steve’s family during this time of grieving 😒

Kirk Grant
R I P my brother.

Guy Gingell
One great friend! RIP

Robin Newnom Ferguson McBain
He insisted on buying me a drink at reunion. Always the gentleman❤️  When I think of Steve from BHS days, I always picture him in his tennis whites.😒

Friday, June 14, 2019

Harry Herman Olswanger, BHS '81 (1963-2004)

Harry Olswanger

Today, Charmaine Snow posted on Facebook the above photo along with her touching thoughts below. RIP Harry.

Dear BHS classes of 1979-1981

I just saw notes about Harry's death (and life).

I remember playing my trumpet for him onstage for a talent assembly at BHS (He sang “New York City Rhythm” a la Barry Manilow - with a newfangled cordless mic, too!) Many of us did the school operetta of Hello Dolly! I was in the pit. A rarity, it was the first time any high school play was held over for an extra week! It was so fun, My mom surprised the entire cast with a wrap party at my house - lots of fun and great memories.

Harry O did live every bit of life to its fullest. After leaving high school, he worked in Long Beach, with Joanne Worley in Hello Dolly! (big surprise). He lived in Hollywood for a couple of years. His folks moved to Roseville to retire, he soon joined them, traipsing from Sacramento to San Francisco with his dance and singing talents. He played a production of “Hair” in SF..He became very sober before 1990 & stayed that way, as it kept him alive & fairly healthy. He moved to Palm Springs & met Angie Dickinson. With her, he choreographed, danced, and sang a gig for the Coachella Valley Water District. Harry had a very good love life with his friend Miles. They went to Hawaii in 1996 and were very grateful for their lives together.

When his father died of ALS, he was quite lost & took care of his mom as much as he could. His parents were both very kind to me and welcomed me to their new home in Roseville several times. When my own mother died, It was Harry who went to comfort her husband, Sam. (Sam had joked in the past about how H.O. reminded him of Loretta Young, with his floor-length bathrobe). Only after Sam died, did I find a lovely card (to him from Harry), saying that my mom was a good friend & she should have lived longer.

Harry met a few older celebrities became good friends with a gal who was an MGM Girl - they had so much in common! She was Vivian Coe, (Vivian Austin & Vivian Grow - she married her eye Dr - Dr Grow). When (blind) Vivian moved to a retirement home for actors, Harry followed and stayed in North Hollywood nearby. I lived in Long Beach. When I learned we had lost Harry, I could only feel sad. He was the One who was always a friend to me after high school. It was Harry that kept me encouraged and playing my horn. Still does. It was Harry who treated me to a Hollywood premiere of the original “A Star is Born” remastered with unseen scenes & music, A Chorus Line at the Pantages, Joan Baez in Concord CA.

I graduated from BHS in 1979 & in 1980, in college, heard of this ‘strange, hard to define GAY Cancer’. The PTBs called it GRID at first, not wanting to define the anagram. We tried. We cried. We lost so many great people we never even got to know!

Over my life, I recall Harry H Olswanger as my dearest friend, and a smart & loving man to all who knew him. I am now in Cathedral City, near Palm Springs. When I’m driving around town & hearing the old music, I feel Harry at nearly every turn. He haunts me at stoplights & I truly get a chill on the hottest days, just thinking of him. Lost, but Never forgotten!


¦\_____ --- _____

¦/ (___=¦¦¦¦=__)


Find A Grave link:

Nadine Aguirre Lujan
A beautiful memory and tribute.

Anissa Iverson
What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man. Your friendship is magical. πŸ’™

John D'Elia
What a lovely thing to share—thank you! I was in a few shows with Harry at Muir and BHS. He was such a talented, gentle guy.

Sherrie King
Lovely read and tribute!

Robert Elizabeth Flores
Very lovely tribute! God bless and keep him. ❤❤πŸ™

Dianne Marie Long
Harry taught me to dance for several shows. I took photos of his performances for him and loved capturing him on film. I can still hear his out of control laugh. Im glad he had you for a friend.

Jabneel Rama Flores Gms
What a beautiful tribute to such a beautiful Soul ❤️

Art Boylan
Harry was a huge talent, such a tragic loss for the theater and the arts community.

Toni Sarno
Beautiful tribute ... may God’s Perpetual Light shine upon him and grant him eternal restπŸ™✨πŸŒˆπŸ˜‡ Another gone too soon😒

Lisa Skewes Galloway
Beautiful tribute. May all those who knew Harry well, be continually blessed by the many memories he has left with you all.πŸ™πŸŒˆπŸ˜Š

Bonnie Galloway
Beautiful memories of a talented soul!

Anne Tackett Williams
That was a beautiful tribute and brought tears to my eyes as I grew up with Harry and he was a dear friend❤️πŸ˜‡

Jodi Stevens Blatz
Thanks for sharing this

Bob Moore
Beautiful tribute. Harry was so talented and kind.

Lisa Thomas
Wow I had Drama with him and did all the skits with him

Carole Wells
What a nice tribute. It made me think of another very talented actor in my brother's class of '66 - who died in a car crash a few years after he starred in My Fair Lady....I think he last name was Romano. And of Terry Pittsford, who played Harold Hill in BHS's first production (and it was truly fabulous) of The Music Man. Terry, who was wonderful in the role, did live a much longer life, dying in his late sixties/early seventies a couple of years ago. Many talented people went to BHS.

Donna Stagg Queenen
What an awesome man he must have been <3 an="" and="" awesome="" br="" dear="" friends="" had="" he="" life="" like="" many="" sounds="">
<3 an="" and="" awesome="" br="" dear="" friends="" had="" he="" life="" like="" many="" sounds="">
Stacy Homan
Thank you for posting this. He is so talented, even when we were in middle school.