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Jack and the Giant Slayers by Phil Young, BHS '65

As a new school year comes quickly out-of-the-blocks I recall how fortunate I was to have been influenced by many inspirational people. Of course, that translates into stories amigo/a. I was far from being a good student in my formative years (BC: before college); in fact I was a poor student K-12. But, I always loved a good story (probably why I majored in History as an undergrad). I don’t know if losing a full GPA point when moving into the Burbank (CA) School District, then gaining it back when moving to Malibu/Santa Monica SD, and losing it again when returning to Burbank was a product of Burbank’s superior expectations or simply that I preferred the open space environs of other locales.

Our kennel in was at Pacific Coast Hwy & Puerco Canyon Rd. overlooking the Pacific. In Burbank it was on North Lima St. just off San Fernando Road, in an industrial area near Lockheed and a railroad line; far away there were probably large bombers and missiles with Red Stars on them practicing missions targeting this area. Like many classmates, I never did understand how getting under a wooden desk would help.

In retrospect it was a cool time, and a great place to be a young person. As I worked this past spring in Petra I remember a conversation with a Supervisory Park Ranger. He was Bedouin from Umm Sahyoun, and a retired Army Major with a Masters degree in IT Engineering. We were talking about the local schools and need for charter or magnet schools with extra-circular activities like sports, clubs, etc. as stay-in-school incentives vice working the tourist trade as a child vendor. That got me pondering some life experiences, and one of my favorites is the under-dog story of the Burbank High School (BHS) Bulldogs basketball team of 1965.
Burbank schools were not traditional powers in the primary team sports: baseball, basketball and football. We had a few exceptional individuals occasionally, but we primarily excelled in Cross Country and swimming (individual things that took a lot of determination and training to do well). During my senior year we had a good shoot-the-ball/hoops team led by Coach Jack Loutensock, but they weren’t expected to do much because of the talent at the other Foothill League schools.

Note-on-skill-levels at that time in the Foothill League: during the 3-years I was at BHS, 7 football players went onto the NFL- none from BHS. In basketball, the league was equally gifted. The Southern California player of the year (Lynn Shackelford, 6’5”) was from Burbank, but he played for our cross-town rival John Burroughs HS. He was amazing to watch, and went onto being a starter on 3 Collegiate National Championship teams with Coach John Wooden at UCLA. Later he played in the NBA. Many of BHS’ rival teams in the league had 7’ players; some like Pasadena had several. I remember watching them warm up with player-after-player dunking-the-ball. The ’65 Bulldogs were relatively “vertically challenged,” with the tallest player (Dick Reitherman) at 6’4” and 170 lbs: not exactly a Grecian model of Olympus revisited. But, what these Bulldogs lacked in stature and girth they made up for with heart, determination, game smarts and grit. BHS educational standards were probably a pretty big asset too.
Not picked to do much by the pre-season pundits (they went 9-3 in pre-season), the ‘65 Bulldogs were simply tenacious, beating Burroughs twice for the 1st time in many years, and finished 10-2 in league play: Champions of the Foothill League. Jim Greenfield and John Gaball went on to play for Coach Jerry Tarkanian (“Tark the Shark”). The season provided adversity, drama and accomplishment over long-odds won by hard work and dedication to their mission: sounds like an inspirational story to me. I know there are themes of courage and humor too (one player wrote in my ‘64 year book what a good chemistry student I was: I was terrible to put it kindly). Looking at the BHS ’65 Varsity Basketball photo I think: “Thank You gentlemen… especially John Gaball, Jim Greenfield, Jerry Perkins, Glen Ceiley, Dean DeHart, Darryl Hove, and Dick Reitherman for showing that when motivated you can make-it-happen…”

FYI, my BHS ’65 yearbook (Ceralbus) has been in an alternative reality somewhere since ca. my return from Vietnam (’70). Thanks to Kirk “Kickin’-back” Harris (I spotted you there in-the-shade: color football/sports section photo, shortly after page 183) for lending me his yearbook for some of the photos. I also see again in the Senior Index that I’m credited with 3-years of participation with the Publicity Committee that I have zero memory of. Looking at the photo of this “August Assemblage” I must credit my listing to the antics of Merry Pranksterism by my ol’ amigos Dennis “Buck” Bandy and Jack Osborn: “Oh, you guys always made me chuckle…” Wouldn’t be surprised to find them and Reitherman on the editorial board of The Onion:

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Oct 1 Class Lunch @ Giamela's!

OCT. 1


"Join us. We get together every 4-6 weeks... All BHS alumni are welcome !!!!"
Greg Alaimo, BHS '66

Facebook link:!/profile.php?id=100001464736413

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Memorial Service for Pete Peterson Oct 15, 2011

Hi Cathy..............

I just wanted to let you know that we have scheduled the memorial service and celebration of Dad's life for Saturday, October 15th at 11:00 A.M. It will be at Emmanuel Church, 5th and Harvard in Burbank. There will also be a reception following the service in Elizabeth Hall at the church.

Those former BHS students, basketball players, Tahquitz Pines Camp alumni, paddle ball competitors and any and all of the special people who loved my Dad would be welcome to attend if they are able to. It would be wonderful to see everyone......kind of like a mini-reunion. I know so many of our former classmates and Dad's students live far away from Burbank (including you, my dear friend!) and would not be able to make the trip so I would just ask that you all maybe take a minute that day and think of my Dad. I hope that would put a smile on your face..................nothing would make him happier!

If you could pass this on, Cathy, that would be great. If anyone has any questions about the service they can contact me directly at My family and I so appreciate the cards and e-mails we have received. It is such a comfort to know how many people loved Dad and how many lives he touched with his humor and his love of history. I am one of them!

I have also attached a couple of pictures of Dad as I like to remember him................teaching, active, and one with my Mom at the house they loved in Balboa Island.

Much love,




1921 - 2011


Saturday, October 15, 2011

11:00 A.M.

Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church

corner of Harvard Rd. & Fifth St.


Luncheon Reception following at the church in Elizabeth Hall

(Emmanuel Church was founded by Pete's father ("Pa"), Emmanuel Peterson.

"Elizabeth Hall" at the church is named in memory of Pete's mother ("Ma"), Elizabeth Peterson.)

Pete's daughters, Linda and Louanne, wish to extend this invitation to the service to any and all who are able to attend who knew their dad as a friend, colleague, BHS teacher, coach, camp counselor, and to their friends and former classmates as well. All are welcome.

Alan Landros September 25, 2011

Former BHS Teacher Roland 'Pete' Peterson Passed Away July 31, 2011

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Happy Centennial Burbank!

Thanks Wes Clark for the link!

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Erin Henderson Baker, BHS '75 (1957-2011)

Please keep Erin's family and friends in your prayers during this difficult time of loss...

Erin Henderson Baker
June 14, 1957 - September 19, 2011

My Sister Erin

by Lynnell Henderson on Monday, September 19, 2011

It's 3:17 am, tonight is by far the hardest night of my life, 9 minutes after midnight God was given the most special Angel ever.

I was holding the hand of my sister, also, Brooke and Melanie's sister, as she took her last breath.

My younger sister Erin Baker was the strongest women I know, and had the biggest heart, it was that heart of her's that finally gave out tonight.

Erin has been sick most of her life, but if you know her she never complained. She is, was amazing and her faith truly kept her strong and she is going to be missed so much by everyone who knows her. Her biggest loves are her two daughters, Lacy Carroll and Lauren Brewerand the grandchildren they gave her. I don't know how they will manage without their "E", Erin spoke with them each day, sometimes, 4 or 5 times.

My parent have lost a child, Erin was living with them and I'm very concerned about them now. How is it okay to outlive a child? How do we move forward? Right now for me to be writting all this is somewhat theraputic, I am still numb and want to wake up tomorrow moring with this being a horrible nightmare. I cant sleep and I cant crumble, too much to take care of, I'll crumble later, I have to be strong for the next couple of weeks. Brooke Ward is really hurting right now and I'm so worried about her, I'm worried about my parents, Erin's children, grandchildren and our entire family.

We need to pull together, support and love, for that's what "E" would want. My lil sis I'm so sorry for what you went through tonight, I pray your at peace now with that God you speak so highly of.

Good Night Sweet Dreams, I love you!


Melanie and Erin

Erin and her family


Saturday and Sunday's events to celebrate the life and love of our Erin

by Lynnell Henderson on Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm so grateful for my Lauren and Lacy, who have from different States and busy young mothers dealing with the passing of their mom to be so engaged and helpful with all our California questions . Apparently there has been some confusion RE: this weekends celebration of life for our Erin.

First Celebration is at:
Lynnells and Garys
Saturday 3:00p.m.
22646 Canyon Club Dr., Canyon Lake CA 92587
Lynnells e-mail:
♥ ♥ ♥ If you are planning on attending e-mail Lynnell it is a gated community ♥ she will need to call you in. Just let them know at the gate you are there for the Celebrations of Life for our Erin.

Second Celebration is at:
Brooke and Tonys
Sunday 12: 00p.m.
645 South Griffith Park Drive, Burbank 91506
Brooks e-mail for any questions:

Thank your all for all your amazing prayers and kind words about our beloved Erin. She would be so touched by this outpourting of love and suppor.
Love, Lynnell


From The Friday Flyer

In Memoriam: Erin Baker

Erin (Henderson) Baker, known as “E” by her grandchildren, passed away September 19 in the emergency room at Menifee Valley Medical Center after fighting a lifelong battle with Crohn’s disease.

Family members say that, despite the illness that caused pain during much of her life, Erin was the ultimate survivor and ray of sunshine to all who knew her. She also was known for her strong faith in her Lord and bringing comfort to others when they were unable to comfort her.

Erin was born in Burbank, California on June 14, 1957 to Robert and Sheila Henderson, with whom she has lived in Canyon Lake for the past several years.

In addition to her parents, Erin is survived by two daughters: Lauren (Breck) Brewer of San Antonio, Texas, with their four children, Dillon, 8, Teague, 6, and twins, Sadie and Claire, 4; and Lacy (Lance) Carroll of Colorado Springs, Colorado, with their two children, Violet, 4, and Thadius, 1.

Erin also is survived by sisters Lynelle Henderson of Canyon Lake, Brooke (Tony) Ward of Burbank and Melanie Henderson of Burbank, along with nieces and nephews: Blu, Hailey and Kevin Murray, Carlie and Ace Ward, and Hogan and Emery Henderson.

Lynelle will hold a celebration of life Saturday, September 24, at her home in Canyon Lake. The Wards also will have a celebration of life Sunday, September 25, at their home in Burbank.

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Burbank's Ten Year Strategic Plan

Just received this...

City Seeks Input on Ten Year Strategic Plan
Posted Date: 9/16/2011

BURBANK, Calif. (September 16, 2011) - A draft of the City of Burbank's revised ten year Strategic Plan for 2011-2021, currently titled "Our Plan, Our Future, Our Burbank," is now available for public review and input.

Every 10 years, the City embarks on developing a new Strategic Plan that will serve as the foundation and vision for the City's operations for the next decade. This current draft, developed from input received by the City's Boards and Commissions, the 2010 Citizen Survey, and each City department, is comprised of ten overriding goals, accompanied by several objectives, that the City will be looking to achieve. Additionally, a revised mission statement has been created to more appropriately guide the City's operations and reflect the community's values. The full report is available here on the City's website,, and hard copies can be viewed at the reference desk of the three public libraries and the City Clerk's Office.

The City of Burbank encourages its citizens and business owners to participate in this process which will direct the City's operations for the next ten years. Comments can be left on the survey page on the City's website, Additionally, please join us in Council Chambers on Thursday, September 29, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. City Council will be hosting a study session to discuss the draft of the Strategic Plan and receive further input from the community.

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BHS Class 1979 Senior Photos


Many thanks to Cliff Watson ( for providing these photos from his Ceralbus!