Friday, April 19, 2019

Nancy Black McKibbin Bostdorff, BHS '66 (1948-2019)

Nancy Black McKibbin Bostdorff
December 27, 1948 - April 13, 2019

Nancy Black McKibbin Bostdorff passed away at her home in Healdsburg, CA after a short illness with cancer on April 13, 2019.

Nancy was born December 27, 1948, in Los Angeles, CA, and grew up in Burbank with her three younger sisters, Linda, Mary and Terry.

After graduation from Burbank High School in 1966, she was employed as an Engineer with the Pacific Telephone Company until her retirement.

Nancy is survived by her daughter, Lisa, and three sisters.

Mary Black wrote, "I am heartbroken. My sister, Nancy, passed away on Saturday, April 13. She cherished her daughter, Lisa, and was a devoted caregiver to her many dogs. A world traveler, she was always learning and curious. My sisters and I wish her peace and growth on her journey in this next stage of life."

2014 photo provided by sister Mary Black

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Scott Boyd, BHS '69, Passed Away April 14, 2019

Scott Boyd

August 15 2019 UPDATE
Scott Boyd Memorial
Saturday, September 14, 2019 1:00
Long Beach Lawn Bowling Club
1109 Federation Drive, Long Beach CA 90804-4319
(562) 433-9063

"Sad news,,, Scotty Boyd passed on Sunday,,,"
Text received today from George Frigerio.

Longtime friend, Dan Harris, BHS '67 wrote:
"Scotty was the class of 69. Lived in Long Beach for 35 years. Worked for Union Pacific Railroad and was retired. Loved lawn bowling and was becoming an accomplished artist. Never married, no children and somewhat a loner. Friends found him dead in bed after not showing up for bowling. That is all we know. Going to miss my buddy. We lived together at San Diego State. We have seen Scotty for 32 straight years at the memorial race at Santa Anita for his brother Jack. We will miss Scotty."

Photo of Scotty taken March 13, 2019, while hiking with Dan Harris

Photo of Scott by Tim Tolnay taken at the 2012 Jack (Boston) Boyd Memorial Races. Jack, BHS '67, was Scott's brother who passed away in 1988.

Susan Casimano
How sad that both brothers passed too soonπŸ’”

George Frigerio

Vicki Herrin Fields
Rest in Peace

Pat Bushman
My prayers and condolences to Scott’s family and friends. Rest In Peace.

Debbie Cooper Billiot
R. I. P.

Larry O'Brien
You’ll be missed Scotty, enjoyed visiting with you at the races last month.

Jodi Tillotson Huddleston
RIP we were neighbors on Keystone.

Jim Stonehouse
Rest in Peace

Bruce Fossler SCOTTY

Mark Littleton Sr
Seems now the whole family has passed. God bless their souls. Little Scotty hiking in the Burbank hills together playing Little League baseball on the Bees with Jack and Don their Dad, our coach, what great memories. Bruce (Duke) hard to believe why are we still here? πŸ’” Rest in Peace Scotty.

Pete Ritchie
RIP Scott, BHS baseball brother...

Kathleen Wyatt Richardson
RIP Scott πŸ˜ͺ

Cathy Brown
Scotty, you are too sweet and kind to be forgotten. We will miss you always. Love!

Linda Hayes Murvin
RIP πŸ™πŸ»

John Deahl
I have very fond memories of Scott, especially from grade school and jr. high, hiking the hills, playing ball at the new Brace Park (where, BTW, he burned his legs very badly) and just talking and laughing all the time. RIP buddy.

Bruce Fossler
John Deahl, after Scott was burned, McBride and him.went to get help from a boy scout...was that you?

Timothy Zuma Tim Tolnay
Bruce Fossler ...That was John Kelley. Mr Kelley took him to the hospital.

Barry Grueter
So sad RIP

Toni Ethridge
So sad!

Debbie Torres Brey Bennett

Deb Helsley Bush
πŸ˜ͺ. So sad Rest In Peace Scott πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’œ

Marilyn Williams Peterson
Oh my gosh, my husband will be devastated. He grew up next door to Jack and Scott Boyd, like his second family. It's hard to believe the whole family is gone.

Bruce Fossler
Marilyn Williams Peterson, Yes. Very close to the BOYDS...they were johnny's second family...

Marilyn Williams Peterson
Bruce Fossler, I just told him and he's really sad.

Bruce Fossler
Yes...we were the "Keystone" Kids...

Linda Green Nicholson

Lizzie Havens
Prayers to his family

Timothy Zuma Tim Tolnay
Just two weeks ago Scott and I talked for the better part of 4hrs at Santa Anita race track. We were there for the memorial races for his brother Jack. We talked about our friendship from kindergarten on. We laughed and agreed that our friendship was the reason we both went to advanced first. School was secondary. During the late 50's we truly lived the life of the movie Sandlot. Any kind of competitive sports, including mud castles, catching horned toads or throwing a baseball was all we cared about. Being an only child Scott became my brother. I am so thankful we were able to share our memories. RIP my brother Scotty. I wish I could share our memories but that would take a lifetime.

Lizzie Havens
Timothy Zuma Tim Tolnay, you'll always have the memories. Sorry, for the loss.

Larry O'Brien
Very nice tribute Tim, I too am so glad Scotty and I talked at length at the races, I even convinced him to come to our 50th.

Elaine Elliott
R.i.p. Scott

Jim Flavin
Played lots of ball with Scott. It was always great to see him at Santa Anita.

Robbin Moore

Brenda Rossie-soto

Steven Severeid

Edward Levitt
At the Day of the Races, Scott was the last person Karen and I talked to on the way to the parking lot. Karen promised him a dance at the upcoming 50 year reunion and he looked forward to that day of celebration. We are both deeply saddened that that day will not happen. R. I . P. to this dear man and friend.