Saturday, October 30, 2010

Class '68 Girls Lunch at Bob's

Standing: Stephanie Llewellyn, Sallie Shelton Thomas, Louise Good Hernandez, Leslie Reel Rozek and Christine Cullen-Bartlett
Sitting: Alice Hanson, Jan Wahler Hill and Laurie Eisenberg

L-R: Stephanie Llewellyn, Christine Cullen-Bartlett, Alice Hanson, Laurie Eisenberg, Jan Wahler Hill, Leslie Reel Rozek and Louise Good Hernandez

Saturday, October 2, 2010

1965 Class Reunion This Weekend

Thanks to Cathy Nicholls Coyle (BHS 67) who is married to John Coyle (BHS 65) for the great pics!

Top row...L to R John Coyle, Bob Wirffel (graduated from JBHS)
Next row...L to R Tom Veatch, Trudie Lombard, Harold Cross, Gerald Castro, Big Boy, Santa Vessella, Joanne Ferrare, John Peterson, Dick Benno, Carol Smallenburg
Bottom Row...L to R Doug Lamb, Chris Collins, Janet Knight, Christine Powers, Jeri Hullihan

Hey CP: Had a blast at Toluca Lake Bob's last night with the Class of '65! This was their kick-off night for their big 45th reunion tonight. Took the traditional group shot around the Big Boy statute.

Here's a shot of the Decorating Committee that met earlier this morning to decorate the room for the big Reunion... The room is gorgeous! ... Filled with tons memorabilia! It should be a GREAT night!!!

October 3, 2010 UPDATE

Mr North and Mr Laris

October 5, 2010 UPDATE

So what's the difference between this photo and one above? =^D
(Thanks Carol Nicholls Lebrecht and Cathy Nicholls Coyle!)

Here are a few more reunion pics from Andrew Romanisky via Pam Kirkwood...

Ken Templeton, Steve Bric and Don Melton

Andy and Marilyn Romanisky with Edna and Rich Dean

Dr Dave Berger

Marilyn and Trudie Hentze

Don Melton

Rich and Tina Kimins

Ken Templeton

Jeri Houlihan and Dan Blackwood

JT Healey with wife Kitty

Sheldon Singer, brother of Alan (BHS '67)

John Coyle

Keith Hall

Poster of school musical, My Fair Lady

Andy's brother, Bob Romanisky played lead