Friday, May 6, 2011

Tom Pittman (BHS '70) 1952-2011

Sad News from the BHS '70 Class sent by Alan Landros (BHS '70)...

October 7, 1952 - May 5, 2011

Below is a message that I received last night, May 5, from our 1970 classmate, Merle Bobzien:


Once again, we lose another 1970 BHS graduate. This afternoon, Tom F. Pittman died at County USC Hospital. Three years ago, Tom had a melanoma removed from his back, and was apparently cleared of the problem. Last Thursday he was admitted to the hospital with a breathing and coughing condition, which turned out to be an aggressive and complete invasion of his lungs. As this was an inoperable and quickly terminal condition, the best that could be done for him was to make him comfortable. He went on ventilation support two days ago, but sank very quickly, which is common in these situations. This morning the family made the decision to take him off of life support, and Tom died quietly and without a struggle and without pain at 1:43 this afternoon.

Tom was a top photographer and shot innumerable air shows. Tom was a top recording engineer and was the official one for the Santa Monica Symphony. Tom was a contract graphic designer for several publication houses. The void he now leaves affects many.

He is survived by his mother, Mary, of Burbank, and his younger sister, Jayne, also of Burbank, and a 1973 BHS graduate.

Tom will be cremated, and arrangements for a memorial service are pending. Right now, the shock of Tom's sudden and unexpected loss is too great for all of his family and loved ones.

Merle Bobzien"

Tom Fredrick Pittman grew up in the 2800 N. block of Brighton St. in Burbank. He attended Horace Mann Elementary all the way through. He attended John Muir Jr. High for the 7th grade with many of us. Tom went to a private school, Southern California Military Academy in Long Beach, for 8th and 9th grades. He then returned to public school in Burbank in 1967 and went all the way through 10th, 11th, and 12th grades at BHS with all of us.

Tom lived in Westwood for a number of years now. He was 58 at the time of his passing yesterday. A recent photo of Tom Pittman is included.

Our sympathy goes to his family and friends. Thanks to Merle Bobzien for informing us, even though the news is sad.

Alan Landros

(Since we have quite a few additions to our class of '70 e-mail list lately, I will send an updated version this evening of our class "In Memoriam" roll. Even though it is always sad news, many of you have said you are grateful to be aware of former classmates from so long ago.)

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  1. Our deepest condolences to all who knew and loved Tom. He was a customer of ours for over ten years and during that time all our staff came to know him as gentle, kind, humorous, patient and interesting. We always looked forward to working with him, yet we only knew him through phone calls; we never had the opportunity to met him in person. It says something powerful about a person whose character shines through over phone wires. We are profoundly saddened by his loss. We will miss him and the relationship we had with him.