Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The New Thanksgiving

John Whitt (BHS '67) emailed this out - lol - thanks John!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Carol Jane Smallenburg 1915-2010

Email today from Pam Zipfel Kirkwood '64:

Received from Trudie Lombard Hentze '65 and Christine Collins Cross '65...

Carol Jane Smallenburg would have been 95 years old on Christmas Day. This evening (Tuesday, November 16th) she quietly passed away in her chair around 7:30 PM. We will not dwell on the loss of life, but rather upon the greatness of hers. Mrs. Smallenburg, known affectionately to many as "Mama Doc", received a doctorate in education after graduating from high school at 16 and earning her BA from Stanford University. This would be quite an achievement at any age, let alone for a woman in the 1930's. When she was born in 1915 women were not even allowed to vote yet! Mrs. Smallenburg retired in the early 1980's as a professor from Cal State Los Angeles and Head of the Social Sciences Dept.

I'll bet most people don't know that one of Mrs. Smallenburg first teaching positions was at Burbank High School in the late 1930's, which made her the oldest living BHS teacher. Mr. LiPera was one of her students! She once told me that she loved coming out of the building after school and looking out over the entire San Fernando Valley, which consisted mostly of farmland and orchards.

In addition to the thousands of students Mrs. Smallenburg inspired over the years, she was also a loving and devoted wife and mother. All four of her children (Harry - BHS 60, John - BHS 63, Carol Benson - BHS 65, and Bob - BHS 72) graduated from college and became teachers. Tonight, as we gathered at the old homestead located at the very end of Alameda in Burbank, we added up all of the people she paid for or assisted financially to complete their college degrees. In addition to her four children and four grandchildren, we counted at least four other people, for a total of no less than 12. She also created and annually funded several scholarships, including one at Burbank High, so her legacy will continue in years to come.

Arrangements are pending; however, cards for Harry, John, Carol or Bob may be sent to the family home at 840 South Sunset Canyon, Burbank, CA 91501. If you want to reach one of them personally, please email Trudie at and she will make sure they receive your message.

Rest in peace our darling friend. We will miss your brilliant mind and incredible sense of humor, but treasure the memories forever.

Trudie Lombard Hentze and Christine Collins Cross

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day in Burbank


Thursday, November 11, 2010
11:00 AM
McCambridge Park
1515 North Glenoaks Blvd
Burbank, CA 91504

Join them as they pay tribute to the brave men and women who have served in the military. The event will feature guest speakers, music by the Burbank Community Band and much more.

If you go, send pics and I will post them.



Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Angel Fund Update

Scroll down to see added volunteer names

BHS Angel Fund

Greetings All!

This past week, Guy asked Carol Brown Baker (BHS '67) to take over as President of the still evolving BHS Angel Fund which she graciously accepted.

Thus far the following folks have volunteered to help:

Carol Brown Baker ('67)
Christine Cullen Bartlett ('68)
Cathy Nicholls Coyle ('67)
John Coyle ('65)
Peggy Melton Cyphers ('66)
Shari Goodstein Epstein ('67)
Guy Gingell ('66)
Trudie Lombard Hentze ('65)
Johnny Holst
Eric Holst
Dayle Devine Jamieson ('65)
Pam Zipfel Kirkwood ('64)
Jon Kirkwood ('64)
Carol Nicholls Lebrecht ('67)
Patty Ellis MacDonald ('67)
Linda Green Nicholson ('67)
Cathy Palmer ('67)
Ron Panich ('67)
Karen Lundigan Panich ('67)
Adam Rocke ('65)
Pamela Roberts Spang ('67)
Sallie Shelton Thomas ('68)

And here's a message from Carol:

The dream of creating a foundation was born from a desire to help Bob Holst (‘67) whose last wish was to see his two sons one more time. Bob is living in Pennsylvania and is gravely ill; his sons are in Arizona. Guy Gingell worked with Cathy Palmer to contact Bob’s classmates and friends and was successful in collecting enough money to pay all trip expenses for his sons. Cathy Nicholls Coyle and Carol Nicholls Lebrecht were also very helpful in contacting classmates. In addition, by using email and Facebook, Bob received many Birthday cards and calls from his friends. According to his twin brother Tom, Bob told him that this was his,” Best Birthday ever”.

Contributions continued to come in and Guy looked at how he could return the excess funds to those that contributed. He then came up with the idea to start a foundation; in order have funds available in the future for similar critical needs.

The foundation is in the process of finalizing the Officers and Board of Directors and will soon be filing as an independent non-profit (c), (3), We are hopeful that we solicit the assistance of our classmates in this endeavor. If we have any alumni who have the legal expertise for this please let us know.

If you would like to volunteer to join a committee to assist in getting this up and running we would appreciate your help.

Carol Brown Baker

Thursday, November 4, 2010

2nd BHS Hall of Fame Nov 12, 2010

Thanks Pam Zipfel and Jon Kirkwood (BHS '64) for the notice!

Friday, November 12, 2010, will be the Second Burbank High School Hall of Fame Program.

This year, our own Cathy Ferguson '65 (Olympic Gold Medalist) is flying down from Northern California to speak.

The BHS Athletic Coordinator, Fred Cook, will try to coax Freddy Sanchez (recent San Francisco Giants World Series Winning-second baseman and '96 BHS Alum) to attend the ceremonies.

Every other year, BHS Alums who distinguished themselves during their high school athletic careers, are nominated and a certain number are inducted into the BHS Athletic Hall of Fame.

This year's program promises to be very exciting.

Among those being inducted are John Lockwood, The BHS 1965 CIF Cross Country Champion Team, Tony Frank, Roy Lockwood, Bob Pierce, Ken Ziskin, Ralph Botting, Dr. Christy Calderon, Frank Kallem, Dave Kemp and the 1975 CIF-Champion Softball Team.

There will be a "Meet and Greet Hour" at 5pm and the program begins at 6pm.

It will be a wonderful evening overflowing with BHS PRIDE!!!

BHS Athletic Director Fred Cook, has worked extremely hard co-ordinating this event.

See you all at BHS on Friday, November 12th!

2009 BHS Hall of Fame

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Randie Miller (BHS '66) Passed Away Today

Sad news folks... Pam Zipfel Kirkwood (BHS '64) received the following email from Linda Silvas White (BHS '66) today, November 3, 2010:

Randie Miller Class of 1966 passed away this morning after a long struggle with cancer. She will truly be missed. Our best to her family.

Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BHS Angel Fund

And as many of you know, we sent out an urgent request for help for fellow classmate, Bob Holst, whose liver, kidneys and other systems are failing. Twin brother Tom believes he doesn't have much time left and through contributions from BHS alumni, his sons were able to fly out to see him. Many thanks to all.

2004 photo of Holst twins:

As a result, Guy Gingall has come up with an idea which is explained below:

To all:

Several BHS Alumni were so moved by what we accomplished in helping Bob Holst and his family, that we have decided to take the next step in helping our classmates.

We are forming a BHS ANGEL FUND. The following is an outline of what it we hope will become a non - profit in the very near future. Until that time Guy Gingell will be collecting donations and pledges with over sight by co - treasurers and an executive committee.

At this time the following have offered to serve on the board to get the project up and rolling.

President: Guy Gingell '66
Vice President: Bob Carter '66
Treasurer: open
Secretary: Cathy Palmer '67

Officers or Chair Persons:
Pam Zipfel Kirkwood '64
John Coyle '65
Cathy Nicholls Coyle '67
Carol Nicholls Lebrecht '67
Ron Panich '67
Eric Holst (Bob's 33 yr old son)
Johnny Holst (Bob's 27 yr old son)


  • Mission Statement to be written
  • Fund set up to help classes '64-'68 (other classes added at a later date)
  • Committee brings, suggests or solicits requests and votes on distribution of funds
  • Committee decides on all awards or portion of funds to be awarded
  • All members will be involved in fund raising, private, state and federal grant monies
  • Signature event: Golf Tournament -- organized by Bob Carter
  • Other fund raising events: Silent Auction, Online Auction, Phone-athon
Anyone want to volunteer?


Co-Treasurers (must be in same city)
Fund Raisers (with experience)

Where to sent checks:
Payable to Guy Gingell
18319 199th Place NE
Woodinville, WA 98077

206 459-8864


So this is a fabulous opportunity to give back and help a fellow classmate as everyone can use a little help now and again!

November 3, 2010 UPDATE

Photos of John and Eric Holst and their mother, Claudia Sax Holst (BHS '68) along with a note from John.

Hi Cathy... if you need anything just let me know. The trip to PA was absolutely incredible and my brother and I are truly grateful. I had the pleasure of speaking with Guy, he and those who helped organize this occasion are genuinely unique individuals who deserve praise and prayer.

Thank you to everyone.
Your good deeds will be acknowledged.
My love to all of you.

With admiration,

John Holst.
Robert Holst's youngest.