Monday, May 2, 2011

Remembering Pickwick

Besides spending A LOT of time swimming ALL DAY during the summer at McCambridge Park in the 1950's and 1960's, I have fond memories of visiting Pickwick Swim Park and renting a big black inner tube to play with in the water. Then rolling it back across the lawn, trying not to hit anyone. Can you even get those tubes any more??


My sister Patty worked at Pickwick during the summer when home from college. I too worked there briefly in the food concession... the grease got to me - yuck.

Of course the ice rink was fun as a teen where we would flirt with the cute boys and skate once in a while.

The Pickwick Drive-In Theater was popular on the weekends.

And let's not forget the Pickwick Stables for those who enjoy horseback riding and the Pickwick Bowling Alley.

Then there was the Teenage Fair. I remember wearing white Bermuda shorts with a sky blue parka, doing the surfer stomp to Dick Dale and the Deltones. He was sooo cute! I got his autograph on a dollar bill which I used to have but who knows where it is today.

Funny thing... I saw Dick perform in Petaluma a couple of years ago with his young son. He still puts on a great show!

Every year I took Red Cross swimming lessons at Burbank High and for some reason, it was always first thing in the morning - brrrrr. I can't remember but I think we had to wear bathing caps.

Ahhhh yes... memory lane...

PS My first dive off the McCambridge high-dive was NOT a fond memory as it was belly-flop... OUCH!


  1. Dan Scott Class of '64
    I remember going to Pickwick on Saturdays for the dance party that was filmed by KTLA. Then we would catch the show on Wednesday to watch our selves on TV.
    Friday nights were reserved for Toluca Lake Bob's after the game.

  2. 🎶"Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end!" 🎶 😁