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Listen to 17 yr old Dee Dee Daugharty Culotta, BHS '66, Sing!

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This is SO COOL!! Dee Dee wrote on Facebook yesterday...

"A funny thing happened today. My brother called me and said that his friend heard my record on U Tube that I made when I was 17 yrs. old. Neither one of us had a clue that it was on U tube. Someone from the music business put it on there back in 2010 and I just found out today. Dorsey Burnette and Glen Campbell played some of the guitar background on this record back in 1966. Dorsey wrote the song. It's called 'If the World Only Knew;\' and my name is spelled DeeDee Dorety on the record. What a fun surprise for me today."




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IF THE WORLD ONLY KNEW / To Go Our Separate Ways - DJ PROMO  (Era 3162)  Out of Los Angeles, this 1966 release is the sole disc issued by Miss Dorety on the Era label.  It was recorded at Hollywood's GOLD STAR STUDIO with it's echo chamber wide open to showcase the driving, quazi-Spectoresque arrangement by 'Wrecking Crew' keyboardist, DON RANDI.  Darlene Love and The Blossoms are on background vocals.  The labels and vinyl have some minor wear.  Nothing serious.  Plays LOUD and STRONG.  An over all VG.


I asked Dee Dee to tell us how she got into the music business and here's what she wrote - THANKS DEE DEE!!

"My family moved from Wisconsin to Burbank, Calif. in 1956. I had won several singing contests in Wisconsin at the age of 5 so when we came to Calif., we found a manager down in Hollywood to help me get a singing career started at the age of 10.. This manager, Jesse Hodges, introduced me to Johnny and Dorsey Burnette and I ended up making a record with the Freedom recording label . Dorsey wrote the song and both he and Johnny played guitar on my record. The office boy there later recorded some songs too and became Donnie Brooks. I later got connected up with a new manager, Joe Laine, who was Frankie Laine's brother. He got me a singing engagement at the Beverly Hills Hotel around the age of 11 for the Sour Apple Awards that the press gives out to celebrities. I also got booked at the Pomona Fair for a week singing every night in their Pavilion at 11 yrs. old. I appeared and sang on about 4 T.V. shows during that time also. Later, when I was about 15 yrs. old I got reconnected with Dorsey Burnette again and I sang with him and Johnny and Jackie De Shannon at the Burbank Armory. At 17, I recorded a couple more songs that Dorsey wrote and Era records signed me up with their record company. I had some great backing on that record. Darlene Love and the Blossoms were my back- up singers, while Glen Campbell, Dorsey Burnette, Don Randi and James Burton played guitars, drum and the piano behind me. Phil Spector was the sound man for that record also. ( Darlene Love later went on to be a singer with songs like "He's a Rebel".) After my record was released, my father decided to move to Montana with his second wife so I lost my financial backing, and didn't have the money to continue to pursue a singing career. Later in my 20's someone offered to give me the financial backing to get back into the music business again but by then I was married with 2 kids and I chose my family over a career. It was fun while it lasted though and I met a lot of really neat people along the way..."

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