Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dean Cunningham, BHS '68 (1949-1999)

This is sad to learn...

Dean Cunningham was born Sept 2, 1949 and died at 50 years of age, Oct 2, 1999, while living in Hawaii.

Dean went to Miller Elementary... here is his 6th grade class photo

(click on pic to enlarge)

Back: Jay Sletten, Bobby Graham, Leland Freeman, Johnny, Tom Rockriver, Roger

Third: Joe Veklota, Vern Olson, Sharon Ryan, Sara Lee Marino, Mary Brotsis, Karen Tripp, Wendy Richard, Cathy Palmer, Diana Ziegler, Mary Ogle, Kathleen Dupree, Judy Rayl, Arlene Clark, Mrs. Ostrowsky

Second: Sandy Sharamitaro, Susan Johnston, Kay Fouse, Paula Blank, Cathy Nicholls, Margaret, Pam Brown, Henritta Reagan, Jeanne Sproul, Alice Payne, Vicky

Front: Steve Hansen, Dicky Newcomer, Arthur Robinson, Dean Cunningham, Alvin Lou, Don Ray Ripley, Roland Young

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