Thursday, December 12, 2013

Jacquilyn Ann Brooks, PE Teacher at Muir (1937-2013)

Photo from the 1964 Highlander Yearbook for John Muir Jr High

Sadly, just found this today... Mrs Brooks was a nice PE Teacher!

Jacquilyn Ann Brooks

October 19, 1937 - December 3, 2013

Jackie passed away December 3, 2013. There will be no service at this time.

She lived most of her life in Burbank, California. She was a teacher at John Muir Jr. High School for 30 years.

She will be missed deeply by her family, friends and her lifelong partner. She was known for her smile, laughter, sense of humor and love of her students.

"If you love somebody enough you can still hear the laughter after they are gone"

Published in Los Angeles Daily News on Dec. 11, 2013

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  1. A few Facebook comments...

    Dana Ardizzone O'Neal
    I'm sorry to hear that she passed away. She was a very nice teacher.

    Donna Roseman
    I remember her from Muir. Had her for P.E. so sorry to hear of her passing.

    Jeanine Hagge
    I liked Miss Brooks, so sad to hear she has passed.

    David Fogg
    Me too.........

    Nancy Fischer
    Thanks for sharing. I had forgotten her name. I remember her well. She was good to me.

    Cathy Emmett Palmer
    In my 7th grade yearbook I rated my teachers & wrote next to her picture "Neat!"

    Linda Green Nicholson
    I had her for 8th grade

    Denise Chezum Wallingford
    She was a great teacher. I was a T.A. In 8th grade in one of her classes

    Jacqueline V Herrera
    She was an amazing person......May the Lord have her wrapped around his arms.

    Laura Skewes Jensen
    Oh...this is sad. I hated P.E., but she was the one teacher that made it bearable through her patience.

    Barbara Zelenay
    one of my favorites!!

    Dee Dee Daugharty Culotta
    I remember her. I had her for PE.. The other P.E. teacher there was a blonde named Mrs. Wright...

    Ellie Nicole Trotta
    I think she also taught history in the 90s...if it's the same Mrs. Brooks...

    Linda Silvas
    I loved her

    Susan Pena MacCaskey
    I remember her. . . very sad news. RIP Ms. Brooks ~

    Gary Bardakji
    Had her for History. Nice Lady. RIP!

    Paula Trujillo
    I enjoyed her class. She was a nice lady.

    Denise Chezum Wallingford
    So sad

    Carrie Diaz-Lathouwers
    May she RIP. And may god bless her and her family.

    Patricia Palmer Lundquist Peck
    She was in my class 1955. And k and k had her for pe at Muir. I think her last name was Estes. I think she may have been in my YMCA club.

    Cathy Emmett Palmer
    That's right, Patty... she was Miss Estes and then Mrs Brooks.

    Barbara Zelenay
    She was the best!! Deeply saddened...

    Laura Skewes Jensen
    She was my favorite PE teacher.....and I hated PE, so that says alot if I enjoyed at least the teacher. She was always patient.