Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Starr Johnson, BHS '64, Passed Away Today

Starr Johnson
September 6, 1945 - October 11, 2016

We just received word from Starr's son, Doug, to David Colvin that she passed away today.

David wrote, "Her son text me of her passing, said that they were just chatting, he popped out to work out and came back with pizza and found her. She'd had some stomach issues and had gone to the Hospital and was home recovering. We'd been texting about this, didn't seem that bad from her."

We are so sorry to loose such a sweetheart. May the Lord comfort the family during this difficult time.

A FEW FACEBOOK COMMENTS... Starr was loved by many
Sherry Copp‎
I am so sad. God bless you forever, buddy. I'm gonna miss our chats. Thank you for your love and support. Shine bright, Starr! I love you. XOXOXO

Artie Bernt‎
Awwww Starr....what a beautiful person. You have the soul of an angel, and now you are one. I'll meet you for real up there one day. Rest In Peace, my friend. ✌️️

Frances Lyons
So happy I got to know you Starr. You are your name way up in the sky. RIP.

Robert Mendoza‎
I can't believe you are gone.......I am torn to pieces. I will see you soon, my friend......

Carol Baker
I am so sorry to hear this. Prayers go out to her family during this difficult time.

Peggy Melton Cyphers
So sorry. My heart goes out to her family and friends
RIP Starr

Bob Bauman
Rest in peace, Miss Starr. We will miss you, Classmate. πŸ˜₯

Laurie Gallo
So sorry!! πŸ™πŸ˜“❤

Betty Worland
I am heartbroken. She was a dear friend to me! I have no words!!

Vicki Herrin Fields
Rest in Peace, Starr.

Pat Bushman
My condolences to her family and friends.

Carole Wells
I am saddened to hear this but know she has entered into everlasting life.

Linda Silvas
Oh no

Dana Ardizzone O'Neal
Oh no. I'm so sorry. She was a sweet FB friend. Prayers for her family.

Adele Bassett

Waneen Cormier Post-Marks
So saddened by this news. She was one of my FB friends and I will miss her. So sorry for her family and other friends. Thoughts and prayers...

Nancy McNamara Zambrana
So sorry for you loss.

Dorothy Aasen-Delg
Starr Johnson, I can't believe this news you can't be gone. My friend since grade school. I will miss your sweet smile and cute F B posts.

Dianne Postal-Simmons
Oh my just talked with her and was getting together

Claudia Hoffman
WHAT! Can't be so! I knew she was ill, but from FB posts, she was recoving. What happened? Someone, anyone!

Carol Forrand Tallakson

Pam Kirkwood
So very sad...What a SWEETIE Starr was...She loved everybody! I think I first knew Starr in 7th grade at Luther Burbank Jr. High...Always sweet and caring...We knew she had health issues, but never thought they were life-threatening...GOD BLESS, Starr Johnson

Sherrie King
My Condolences to her family and friends. RIP

Jeri Sosinski
We went to Mingay and Luther Burbank together. Sweet girl, RIP Starr!!

Dorothy Aasen-Delg
I went from 1st. all the way thru Burbank High. Such a shock.

Bev Peters
RIP. Condolences to her family.

Pamela Spang
So sad to hear 😒

Carrie Diaz-Lathouwers
So sad to hear another BHS classmate to so many is gone. My condolences to all her family and friends. RIP Starr.

Susan Montgomery Moran
Dear Starr, you were my friend for so many years. My heart hurts without you. All my love and sympathy to her family. I will miss you.

Gary Wilkerson
Gary Wilkerson
❤broken!😒 Really shocked. We would communicate on FB quite often. Really sad. 😒

Donna Gartrell Jones
This is very sad news. RIP Starr. <3 br="">
Jim Grasse
OH No! So sad to hear this news!

Frances Lyons
I saw a post earlier that had me concerned. Been waiting for news. OMG I know she wasn't feeling well. So very sad.

Georgeen Bybee Maclaughlin
I never met Starr but feel I knew her thru FB. I am so sad but there is no doubt she will now soar as an angel. My condolences to her family.❤

Mary Boriso Jordan
Can't believe it! We've known each other since High School...I know she wasn't feeling well a while a go, but then she posted she was feeling much better....She was so warm, loving and caring...will miss her posts and friendship...God bless you Starr....shining in the heavens

Darlene Culotta
Oh my gosh ! What a shock !!!!! So sorry to hear this. Wish I could've said good bye to her... This just ruined my whole evening. I'm just grateful that she was a Christian. She is with the Lord now in peace...

Tammy Klinger
Omg! Just talked with her about a week ago..... So sad!

Joey Solo
She was so nice with me, God bless Her . I will love Her always ,Rest in Peace and Love my friend Starr ...

Donna Gartrell Jones
Very sad news. RIP Starr. <3 br="">
Dona Foy Porcaro Bruckner
So surprised, RIP😘

Cindy Collard
OMGosh! so sad to hear this, loving thoughts & prayers to family & friend. Rest in God's arms our dear Starr

Chuck Blais
I will miss you only for a little while Starr! Your were a dear friend and fellow classmate and I loved reading your posts! You are now in Heaven where I want to be when God calls me home! So it is not goodbye in the sense that I will never see you again! No it is only a temporary separation and one day when my turn comes for God to call me home we will continue our friendship! I can only imagine what you are seeing now! It must be glorious!!!! Meeting with God and Jesus and your love ones! Meanwhile I will pray for your family that are mourning the time they will be separated from you! I bet when members of your immediate family are called home you will be there to meet them and all your friends when our time comes! So good friend I will remember you while I am still on earth but will wait with anticipation being reunited with you sometime in the future. God Bless You Starr!!!!!!!

Carol Nicholls Lebrecht
My condolences to Starr's family on her passing. I did not know her; but I could tell from her posts on Facebook that she was a nice and caring person.

Jolene Firgens
RIP Starr. Sad news indeed!

Robbin Moore

Linda Everett
I am so sorry to hear this.......My prayers go out to her family and friends.

Jetta Stire-carrega

James McGillis
Starr and I were Facebook friends. I shall miss her and miss her posts.

Lorraine Zensen
Starr and I were good friends through high school in Burbank. That's more than 50 years! I deeply miss her but as Chuck Blais says this is a temporary separation and I know when it's my turn to cross over into Glory Land Starr will be there to greet and hug me! Love you much Starr but I know you are no longer in pain and you are in perfect health. 😘❤

Christine Smith Carroll
So sad, RIP.

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  1. Georgeen MaclaughlinOctober 11, 2016 at 10:44 PM

    Rest in paradise Starr. I had never met you before FB but just knew instantly you were a special lady.My deepest condolences for her family.