Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Michael Sean Mattor, BHS '81 (1963-1993)

Michael Sean Mattor was born September 5, 1963 in Syosset, New York.

His parents were William Lawrence Mattor (1924-1974) and  Mildred Margaret Orr (1927-1983).

Sadly Michael died at the young age of 30 on May 27, 1993, in San Francisco, California.

His classmates miss him and here are a few Facebook Comments...

Bonnie Galloway wrote:
This is just how I remember him. He is truly missed. I LOVED Michael Mator like a brother. Was so very sad to hear of this back then.

Donna Cress wrote:
Oh Mike was such a character, so much fun. I'm so sorry to hear of his death.

Dari Cox wrote:
I adored Mike Mattor. He and I were such good friend back in High School. RIP, Mike. You were an awesome friend at BHS in theatre and tech theatre! I have such good memories of times with you?

Kim Correia Dettman wrote:
He was so talented!

Tony Murray wrote:
Great guy.. Lorna Till Maxwell wrote: I remember seeing him on stage, I believe. What happened to him?

Teri Wilkins Dunnet wrote:
Mike was so fun!! Never knew what he was going to do next!

Mark Enz wrote:
He was a good guy, we had some classes together and yes he had a larger than life character.

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