Monday, August 29, 2016

Jim Bennett, BHS '66, Passed Away June 7, 2010

Jim Bennett '66, passed away unexpectedly on June 7, 2010. Our deepest sympathies go out to his Mother, Brother Tom Bennett '68, and Sister-in-law Annette Dinolfo Bennett '68, his nieces and nephews and many many friends.


Jim played football & these this pics are from the 1966 Ceralbus yearbook

Here are some recent photos...

From the 2008 JBHS/BHS Alumni Picnic
L-R: Gil Uribe, Jim Bennett, Steve Billos, Pete Beauregard, Dave Marshall (photo: Madelaine Zelenay Whiteman) source

L-R: Tom Bennett '68; Jim Knight '66; Jim Bennett '66; Ron Franzen '66; Steve Lopez '66; Dave Marshall '65; Al Thouette '67; Gil Uribe '66 and Steve Billos '67 (photo: John & Cathy Nicholls Coyle) source

And from 2007, Class of '66 Football Players
L-R: Steve Gullion, Ray Yokum, Mel Barnes, Jim Bennett, Gil Uribe, Joseph Baldino. (front) Jim Davis & Ron Franzen - all class '66 source

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