Thursday, January 3, 2013

Leslie Adams, BHS '76 (1958-2012) & Alison Adams, BHS '72 (1954-2016)

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Yesterday, I received this sad note from Kathy Lorenz-Waldron...

"I lost a dear friend a few days before Christmas and wanted to write something on the BHS site. Her name was Leslie Adams. Class of 1976. She went to Horace Mann and John Muir as well."

Please keep the family in your prayers. Leslie died of breast cancer.

Yesterday, Leslie's sister, Wendy Adams, posted the following on Facebook BHS Memorial page:

In loving memory of my sisters, Leslie Ann Adams, BHS '76 (1958-2012) and Alison Adams, BHS '72 (1954-2016).


  1. What a great look and photo! A Technicolor Lady, like Lucille Ball. Looks like a female Tom Baker (Dr. Who). I bet she was fun. I never met her - my loss.

  2. Leslie and I went steady in Jr. High... she was my first love. She was a very intelligent woman full of grace with a very sharp wit. We got together about 8 years ago for sushi dinner and stayed in touch on FB. I'll see you again lady... and take you on that ride I owe ya. Rest in the peace you so deserve.

  3. Was her father Rev. Adams ?? If so , I knew Leslie , I stayed at her home once on Trudi Lane , she sleep-walked to the neighbors ... So sorry to hear this ... Prayers to the family... <3

  4. Lets remember Leslie and do all we can to eradicate breast cancer.