Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Petra Update from Phil Young (BHS '65)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Yea! What a day…

Between the continuing saga of the visa extension quest and the development of the Best Practices Workshop next week we’ve had little time for our primary and core mission: working with the Rangers, Tourist Police and other people (and animals) of Petra. Our prayers (or other exaltations) have been heard during this “Holy Week,” and we got our visa extension today! It only took one more trip to Ma’an and then back to Wadi Mousa for fingerprinting, interrogation about who we’re spying for (need to make sure it isn’t for that “un-named land to the west”), and… just kidding… but, we did get our extension.
Today’s real triumph was observing the veterinary efforts with the horses here by The Brooke Animal Clinic. For years Petra has been receiving complaints about the condition and care of the animals here (primarily the horses, but donkeys and camels too). Our ol’ amigo “Cowboy Fred” helped bring the husbandry program along, and it is much improved over prior years. However, just days after Fred’s return to the USA the Director of PAP met with the interim Director of The Brooke here at Petra and daily inspections by veterinary staff is now underway. Thanks also goes to Princess Alia for her patronage with the clinic. Many of the horses have a fungal infection in their hooves, but efforts are underway to offer preventative education on proper care (clean-those-hoofs) and stabling. Other procedures are also being proposed so visitors will encounter healthy and well cared for stock. Well done! The Brooke Hospital for Animals:
On a sadder note, I received note a few weeks ago about the passing of an acquaintance from high school. I was a shy guy at Burbank High, but occasionally wondered: “what ever happened to…” I read recently that she had a steadfast love and appreciation for all things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small and her belief in the essential equality of all people.”
I think we could use more people like that, and condolences to her family for their loss (sounds like we all lost)…

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