Monday, April 11, 2011

Kevin Butcher, BHS 2005, Died in Motorcycle Accident

Recevied the following tragic and sad news just now...

Hi Cathy, this is Annette Dinolfo Bennett. I found out today that a burbank high graduate of 2005 with my son Tanner Bennett had been killed in a motorcyle accident on Sunday April 10th named Kevin Butcher ...he worked at Chase Bank on SanFernando Rd and Burbank Blvd. He was 23 years of age....just some infor for now ....he was a Boy Scout all the school years played t ball with our son...Great kid and what a loss....

Then found this article which had the above photo from Kevin's Facebook...

Kevin Butcher, 23-Year-Old Burbank Man on Motorcycle, Killed in I-10 Crash With Another (Allegedly Drunk) Man on Motorcycle

By Simone Wilson, Mon., Apr. 11 2011 @ 9:50AM

Kevin Butcher was riding his red Ducati motorcycle down the 10 East yesterday afternoon, when traffic began to slow up ahead. He was riding behind another motorcyclist on a white Honda at the time -- a 29-year-old man from North Hollywood who West L.A. CHP Officer Travis Ruiz guesses was Butcher's friend. Both were reportedly "splitting lanes" while pushing 90 mph. Then, just before 4:30 p.m. near the exit to the 405, the Acura in front of them put on the brakes. Though the Honda began to brake as well, Butcher did not -- so his motorcycle slammed into the one in front of him.

"The Honda that got run into went down on the ground and went down underneath the Acura," says Ruiz. "Then the Ducati goes up over the Acura." Butcher was found unconscious at the scene, and later pronounced dead at the UCLA Medical Center. The North Hollywood man was transported to the hospital as well -- but not before failing a field sobriety test and being handcuffed to his stretcher.

Ruiz says the 29-year-old was in fine enough condition to take the test at the scene, but soon noticed a huge gash in his own leg. No other injuries were reported.

On Facebook, Butcher lists his hometown and current residence as Burbank. He's a fan of Da Bike Shop, a motorcycle customization and repair shop in North Hollywood.

One Los Angeles Times commenter writes, "Rest in peace lil butcher." And another: "Kevin Lynn Butcher you will be missed." A commenter named Richard also offers a witness account: "We were driving back from PCH and saw 2 bikes zipping between traffic lanes. A minute later all the traffic slowed and we saw the 2 downed bikes and several stopped cars. One rider was on the ground as another person pumped his chest. It was a sobering reminder about the dangers of riding between cars, especially on the 10 by the 405 intersection."



  1. Kevin, nothing comes to mind more than the word caring. I've known you since we were kids...and through the years you have been there to help me move, take me to lunch, and most of all make me laugh. I will never forget how important you are to me, and how much I truly miss you. Everyone who knows you knows that you were an honest guy, giving, and passionate. The class of 2005 will always remember you Kev...always...xoxo -k

  2. It's pretty sad when a life is claimed by an accident. He's too young to pass away. Surely he will be missed.