Friday, April 14, 2017

Janis Musson Jardin, BHS '70, Passed Away

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Just received this sad news from Barbara Zelenay Berry:
"My class of 1970 lost another classmate. Janis Musson Jardin to Alzheimer. She was the sister of Kathy Musson Bice. Too many gone too soon!"

Yesterday, Karla Alltizer, sister of Janis posted on Facebook:
"Today is a very sad day. Today I lost my sister Janis Jardine to Alzheimers. I was very glad to be able to see her one last time and say my goodbyes. My sister Kathy Bice and myself are very saddened to lose our sister at such a young age. We know you are dancing with the angels now sweet Janis and partying with mom and dad and our other sister Sharon. The memory of you and all the good times us four sisters had growing up will always be with us. Rest in Peace."

Praying for the family during this difficult time.


Julie Guttridge
Oh how sad !' I remember Jannie so well when going to her house with Laurie Lamson & Kathy Musson.
So hard to believe she had Alzheimer's!! We just never know what our fate will bring !! So sorry for her family's loss .

Valerie Giessinger Scott
I remember her. Very sad indeed

Pat Bushman
I remember her. My prayers and condolences to her family.

Anissa Iverson
I'm sorry. She's so beautiful.

Mark Pollock
I knew her sister Kathy....many many years condolences to the family.

Susan Peña MacCaskey
RIP Janis heart emoticon<3 br="">
Holly Shoemaker Harris
She was my wonderful Aunt. She will be missed. 😇❤️

Anissa Iverson
I'm sorry for your loss.

Steven Severeid
7th grade summer sweetheart, RIP Janis

Tammy Klinger
Sad....too many gone to soon! prayers for family!

Terri Guerra
Awww such a sweet person! We were in drill team together. First rank. RIP Janis ❤

Holly Shoemaker Harris
And what a wonderful drill team you were! I remember watching my Aunt Janis strutting her stuff. My sister followed in her footsteps for the Bulldogs. Such great memories.

Carrie Diaz-Lathouwers
RIP Janis! My condolences to her family and friends.

Kathleen Wyatt Richardson
RIP Janis you were a sweet person.

Barbara Schmitt Good
Losing such a beautiful soul far too early is so difficult to understand. Alzheimer's is a tragic disease. RIP Janis.

Carol Bronner Kean
So sad.....RIP Janis

Nadine Aguirre Lujan
RIP Janis.

William Wallace
Sad news. Janet was alway nice to me. We knew each other from Jefferson Elementary days thru Burbank High Class of 1970. Condolences to her family.

Pam Wright Peterson
So sorry- RIP Janis. 🙏🏻

Elaine Elliott
R.i.p. Janis.many fond memories during our childhood years.

Henry A Garcia

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<3 br="">APRIL 23, 2017 UPDATE
Alan Landros wrote the following obituary
<3 br="">

JUNE 3, 1952 ~ April 13, 2017
Janis passed away on Thursday, April 13, 2017, about seven weeks before her 65th birthday.  Many of you have seen the notice on Facebook from Karla Musson Alltizer, sister of Janis, saying that Janis passed away due to Alzheimer’s Disease.  Her illness progressed rather quickly within the past three years.  Some of our BHS ‘70 classmates don’t use Facebook, and some others who have a Facebook page rarely check it,
so this notice is being sent to everyone from our class for notification of this sad news.
Janis was the youngest of the four Musson sisters, Sharon, Karla, Kathy, and Janis.  They grew up at 1907 N. Kenneth Rd., near Eton Dr., in Burbank. 
Janis attended Thomas Jefferson Elementary, John Muir Junior High, and Burbank High, graduating with us in 1970. 
She and I were in the same 5th grade class at Jefferson with our teacher, Betty Ohs Steinkolk.  Some of the others in that class with us were
Carol Wallace, Ellen Gelbard, Joyce Starleaf, Krenn Wilkinson, Mary Pilkinton, Bill Wallace, Blyden Loutensock, Don McMickle, Mike Zeff, and Stan Shaner.
Janis married Scott Jardine in the 1970’s.  They attended our 10 year class reunion in 1980.  They have two sons, Bryan born in 1982, and his younger brother born in 1984.  Over the years Janis and Scott have lived in many locations, due to Scott’s career.  They began married life in Burbank, lived in Brea, then Oregon, back to northern California for many years, then Midland, Texas, and finally the last few years they have lived in Boise, Idaho. 
Janis always loved to play tennis frequently wherever she lived.
Janis is survived by her husband, two sons, sisters, Karla Musson Alltizer and Kathy Musson Bice (who is from the BHS ‘68 class), and their families. 
She is predeceased by her parents, and her oldest sister, Sharon.
Alan Landros
April 23, 2017


  1. Sadness! My Prayers go out to her family!

  2. My deapest condolences to the family. I will hold you all in my prayers. Rest in peace Janis ❤

  3. Remember her well, so sad to hear this.