Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Julie Hornbeck Feenstra, BHS '66 (1948-2016)

Julie Hornbeck Feenstra
March 30, 1948 - June 4, 2016

More sad news for the BHS Class 1966 - email from Nicki Hanson to Linda Schuster Mazur:

With heavy heart I am sharing with you that Julie Hornbeck (Feenstra) died the beginning of this month. She had just retired and lived in Mexico. She was very happy and did not suffer. So sad I was suppose to visit her next winter.

Julie had two sons, Kreigen and Kyler, and this is one of them.

She was a nurse, lived in Canada in Summer and Mexico in winter. Had just retired to live in Mexico. She had lots of friends. I believe she had a heart attack. She was found by a friend. She was always fun and very young at heart.
I will miss her

Take care,


Photos from Facebook

In high school, I always looked up to Julie as she was one of the cool surfer chicks.
RIP Julie

On BHS Memorial Page

Peggy Melton Cyphers
So sorry to hear of Julie's passing. We had many great times together at BHS. RIP

Pat Bushman
My condolences to her family.

Adele Bassett

Waneen Cormier Post-Marks
Thoughts and prayers for her loved one's.

Heidi Terrio

Barbara Zelenay Berry
RIP Julie...Thoughts and prayers always!!!

Jolene Gable Firgens
Not Julie! Sad indeed.

Vicki Herrin Fields
Rest in Peace, Julie.

Guy Gingell
I surfed with Julie many times at Venture County Line, Malibu and Huntington Beach. Always had a great time. She will live in my memory always.....

Donna Luce Neitman
RIP Julie!

Pam Kirkwood
So sorry to hear this. God Bless, Julie.

David Colvin
.... > wow had a lot of classes w / her RIP

Karen Vereuck
RIP Julie!! Prayers for comfort/peace for her family/friends!

Dee Dee Daugharty Culotta
Oh no ! I'm really saddened to hear this.

Lupe Covarrubias
My condolences to her family

Ron Hagg/Taos Rag
very sad.

Julie Guttridge
Julie was the Only other Julie when we started Jr high, so we ended up doing things together & going surfing down at her parents house in San Clemente.. We are vounerable & realize that life is short.. We are loosing too many classmates ..

Linda Silvas
So sad

Brenda Rossie-soto
My condolences to family

Cathy Nicholls Coyle
So sad to hear this. I remember her in High School. She was the epitome of the perfect Surfer Girl. RIP Julie.

Valerie Giessinger Scott
Very pretty lady

Steve Bauer
Sorry to hear that😢 she was an awesome young lady and so much fun to be a round..

Jo Elaine Morton
RIP Julie Hornbeck. You were truly one of a kind 🌠

Kenneth Clark
I have all good memories of Julie. My deep condolences to her family and friends.

Steve Gullion
There was nobody like Julie ......The thought of her makes me smile ......

Jolene Caughey
I remember her well sorry to hear.

Janine Wood-Bokman
RIP Julie.

Mary Boriso Jordan
I remember friendly....♥

Annette Dinolfo Bennett
This hit me hard! So very sad for a pretty girl☹️


  1. Julie was the only other Julie I found with the same name when we started Jr High..We became friends & remembering going to their beach house in San Clemente and surfing.. We lost touch when she married Jim Printz and moved to Canada.. Just hits too close to home when so many of our classmates have passed away.. Shows how vulnerable we all our & that our life could be over in an instant..

  2. Sorry to hear the news. She was larger than life...
    Penny Jonas Barth