Sunday, April 3, 2016

Terry Pittsford, BHS '63, Died Easter Sunday 2016

Diane Babko wrote today in Facebook, "Terry Pittsford, class of 1963, who brought joy, laughter, music and friendship to many of us, passed away on Easter Sunday. John McWilliams (class of 1962) wrote these thoughts about Terry."

March 2016

The Music Man
The voice,
the wry grin
Filling the stage
With relish
Unbridled enthusiasm

The skeptical observer
Earnestly- sometimes relentlessly-pursuing
politicos and perceived scoundrels

The would-be loner
Disappearing into the woods
Or the back of his panel truck
But ever willingly
Enmeshed in Nature

Jackie Gleason, Jonathan Winters,
And a host of others
Impersonated with not so subtle grins

The occasionally almost reluctant survivor....
Then returns the artful comedian

The Music
Has left us
But surely to the delight of the souls
Who now await him

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