Saturday, March 19, 2016

Rev John Dietrich Baumgartner, BHS '66 (1947-2012)

John Dietrich Baumgartner

On October 6, 2012, just one day after his 65th birthday, John Baumgartner passed away while living in Porterville, California.

John was born October 5, 1947, in Los Angeles and grew up in Burbank with his sister Debra who was also a BHS graduate class of 1969. Their parents were Mildred Lucille Robinson Baumgartner (1920 - 2007) and William Oscar Baumgartner (1919 - 1988).

After high school graduation, John joined the Navy and upon return from Vietnam, worked for the local phone company. Then he became an L.A. County Dep Sheriff before his calling to the Lutheran priesthood. John earned his Masters of Divinity from Concordia Theological Seminary. He also served as chaplain to the Tulare county Sheriffs Dept for a while.


The above information was confirmed by John's nephew, David Johnson who wrote:
"If there is anyone in that graduating class who wishes to contact me, I would certainly be appreciative. While he was our favorite uncle, we never knew a lot about him or his early life. We, my sisters and I, all live in Texas. I would love to communicate with anyone who knew him."

David's email is

Photo from David of John in the 1980's

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