Saturday, September 12, 2015

Chuck Zaremba, BHS '65 Passed Away Sept 10, 2015

Sad news to report from fellow classmate, Trudie Lombard Hentze...

I am so very sorry to report that our classmate, Chuck Zaremba, passed away yesterday afternoon from cancer. He really wanted to come to our reunion, and was the first to sign up after the reunion committee. We will donate his registration to the Sr. Bulldog Scholarship Fund. He will remain in our hearts... "Always a Bulldog!"

Chuck excelled in high school as you can see from these photos in the 1965 Cerlabus yearbook...


  1. We are so very sorry to hear of Chuck's passing. He was a very smart and talented fellow. His Mother, Emma, was a dear friend of my parents' and of our family. She was a 'single parent' and raised Chuck, taking in work as a seamstress. She did a wonderful job, as Chuck was an excellent student and grew up to become a very accomplished young man. God Bless, Chuck and may you Rest in Peace. Pam and Jon Kirkwood BHS '64

  2. Chuck was a classmate of mine at Columbia University in 1969-70 -- a friendly guy with always a good word. The world is a bit poorer with his passing.

  3. I worked with Chuck at an ad agency in Irvine in the late 1980's, and he was "pushing boundaries" even in his 40's he listened to edgy music & owned an indie record shop!, incredibly helpful to me after I got canned, and so smart. We had a joke about how he was always sneaking the word "ubiquitous" in all the boring press releases. Such a clever man and so full of dark and funny humor.