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William Dillion Caughey, BHS '66 (1948-2005)

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Birth Date: 06-26-1948
Death Date: 10-23-2005
Redlands, CA

We don't know much about Bill's passing but did find this...
It'll be forty-eight years on the planet in June, so perhaps it's time for an inventory...

Things i'm not so proud of: selling cars for fifteen years, flunking out of college three times, being a chronic procrastinator, and never learning how to juggle.

Things i'm proud of: the three and a half years i spent in the Air Force walkin' dogs, being married to the same woman since 1970, having two teenage sons who will become good men, going back to college for the fourth time, becoming a teacher, and having the nerve to revisit those demons and write "War Story."

Things i plan to do: graduate with a degree in history in June 1996; teach till i die; teach the grandkids to body surf; learn to juggle; get regular haircuts; live in Redlands, California, for the rest of my life; and write something else i'll be proud of.

I'm building a Web page based on "War Story" and the K-9 experience. I need pictures of Angeles City - Clark AB circa 1969, poems, essays, photos about dog handlers and the Vietnam era...full credit to everyone and everything will be returned unharmed.

Wm. Caughey (Bill COY)
Security Police - Sentry Dog Handler
Osan AB, Korea - 1967 - 1969
Clark AB, ROP - 1969 - 1970
Ellsworth AFB, SD 1970 - 1971 SAC: "Peace is our mission." War was only our hobby...

Also found this that Bill wrote called War Story

Received the following information today from William's wife, Jolene:

My late husband, William D. Caughey, passed on October 23, 2005. He was residing in Redlands, California at the time.

Both of us were in the class of 1966 BHS. We never dated in high school, but he sat behind me, alphabetical order, my name being Canzoneri, his Caughey.

We saw each other when he was home on leave from the Air Force in 1968 (Vietnam War). We communicated by letters and tapes for the next two years, and were married on May 30, 1970. Had he lived, we would have been married 46 years, this May 2016. I still have his tapes and letters from that very special time. 

He leaves two children, William D. Caughey, Jr, BD 11-25-1977, and Robert J. Caughey, BD, 7-27-1979. Robert gave us two beautiful grand-daughters Avery age 6, and Taylor age 3.

To this date, he is sorely missed.
Jolene (Canzoneri) Caughey


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