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Carole Jean Starkey Ivey (1952-2014) & Randall 'Randy' Nile Ivey (1951-2014), both BHS '70

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UPDATE! We are stunned to report that Carole's husband, Randy, passed away just 4 days after Carole. Please scroll down to read more and keep the families in your prayers... Thank You

March 28, 1952 - July 22, 2014

Carole Ivey passed away suddenly yesterday, Tuesday, July 22, at her home in Valencia. Carole began life near the Minnesota/Iowa border on the family farm. After her father's death in 1961 she moved to California with her mother and younger brother in 1963, and settled in Burbank in 1964 on Jamestown Rd. She began 7th grade at John Muir with most of us that Fall, now almost 50 years ago. In 9th grade she and Randy Ivey became a lifelong couple. Carole was a Trojan, graduating from the University of Southern California in 1974, where she began after graduation from BHS in 1970. That summer after USC graduation she and Randy were married at Salem Lutheran Church in Glendale on August 10, 1974. Carole's passing comes less than three weeks before their 40th wedding anniversary.

Besides Randy, Carole leaves their daughter, Megan, age 30; their son, Travis, age 34, his wife, Tina, and their children - Carole's granddaughter, Makenna, and grandson, Gavin, ages 10 and 7; her brother, Roger Starkey (BHS '72), his wife and their family; her aunt, Karen of Arizona; her brother-in-law, Mike Ivey (BHS '72), his wife and their family; her brother-in-law, Jim Dyer (BHS '69), and his family; and three step-brothers and their families. Carole's mother passed away less than a year ago, on August 8, 2013. Her step-father passed away five years before that, also on August 8, in 2008. Sister-in-law, Debi Ivey Dyer, passed away in 2009.

In early March of this year Carole received the confirmation after testing that she had an aortic aneurysm. It was determined that she would undergo two surgeries, sort of a phase 1 and a phase 2, to repair/correct the aneurysm. Last Wednesday, July 16, she had the first surgery at Kaiser-Sunset Hospital in the Hollywood area. That surgery went well, and accomplished what was desired. On Friday the 18th Carole's close friend, Donna Snyder Moore (BHS '71) took Carole home from the hospital. The second surgery was scheduled for September 4. Two days ago, on Monday afternoon, I spoke to Carole on the phone, and we talked for about 45 minutes. She was in good spirits, although sore all over from her surgery. Little did I know that would be the last time I would talk to her. Carole's daughter, Megan, had been staying overnight with her since she got home from the hospital on Friday. Yesterday morning before Megan left for work she saw Carole. Later on when Megan tried to reach Carole by phone several times, without success, she called nearby friends and asked them to check on Carole. The friend went in Carole's home and found her on the sofa, already gone. The fire department arrived and confirmed her passing. It was determined that the aneurysm had ruptured, taking her so suddenly. Of course a total shock to all of Carole's family.

About the beginning of June Randy began feeling poorly. They saw his doctor, blood tests were taken, but no problem was pinned down. He kept getting worse at home. On Father's Day, June 15, he was taken to the ER at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital in Valencia. He was admitted into ICU by that evening. Randy is a severe diabetic, and it was soon determined that he had Strep B infection probably caused from a "wound" on his leg that had already gone into Sepsis (blood infection) by the time he entered the hospital. The next morning he was placed on a ventilator. He remained in ICU at Henry Mayo Newhall for a week, and then was moved by an ICU ambulance down to Kaiser Hospital in Panorama City to their ICU. I happened to be there when that took place. Randy remained there for over four more weeks, almost the entire time in the ICU on the ventilator, with a couple of brief times in a "step-down" unit and off the vent. I last saw him a week ago Friday when Janet Di Sarro and I saw him in the ICU again. He has been sedated, and also is not fully coherent yet after being so ill for so long. Two days ago he was finally moved to a rehab facility, but faces a long recovery after being this sick. He is still not fully aware or fully coherent.

Randy hasn't been told yet about Carole's death. Those of you who pray, please do so for Randy, for Megan and Travis as they face the loss of their mother who was very close to both of them, and for them as they face having to tell Randy at some point what has happened to Carole.

Since Carole's passing was just yesterday, so suddenly, it is way too soon to know anything yet about any kind of a memorial for Carole. As soon as something is arranged and set, I will send another e-mail with that information.

Donna Moore asked me to please include the following in this notice: MEGAN AND TRAVIS DO NOT WANT ANYTHING POSTED YET ABOUT CAROLE'S DEATH ON ANY 'SOCIAL MEDIA', WHICH OF COURSE INCLUDES FACEBOOK. THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING THEIR WISHES AT THIS EXTREMELY SAD TIME IN THEIR LIVES. I know that a number of you are already aware of Carole's death, but I'm including everyone in receiving this notice so that Megan's and Travis' wishes can be followed.

Alan Landros

UPDATE JULY 28, 2014

December 16, 1951 - July 26, 2014

Randy passed away Saturday morning, July 26, at 10:00 A.M. at the rehab facility in North Hills (formerly Sepulveda), where he had been transferred to about five days earlier after five weeks in the hospital since Father's Day, June 15. Randy was born December 16, 1951 in Glendale at Glendale Adventist Hospital, then known as Glendale Sanitarium. He was the middle of three children in the family, just less than a year younger than his sister, Debbie (who later became Debi Dyer), and two years older than his brother, Mike. The family moved to Burbank when Randy was in 4th grade, and he attended 4th, 5th, and 6th grades at Washington Elementary in Burbank, then John Muir and Burbank High. His passing came less than four days after Carole passed away on July 22, and two weeks and a day before their 40th anniversary on August 10. He and Carole were both 62.

Randy is survived by his family who loved him very much, daughter Megan; son Travis; daughter-in-law Christine "Tina"; granddaughter Makenna; grandson Gavin; brother Mike Ivey, his wife D'aun, and their family; brother-in-law Jim Dyer and his family; and brother-in-law Roger Starkey, his wife Teresa, and their family. Randy's mother passed away in 1997, his father in 2011, and his sister Debi in 2009.

Saturday morning Randy told his nurse that he was hungry. Later after he had had breakfast the nurse went to his room to check on him, and found that Randy had passed away during the few minutes since she last saw him. After his family was notified of his passing they gathered at his room, along with some of Randy and Carole's closest friends, to all say good-bye to Randy. A couple of days earlier Randy's kids told him about Carole's passing earlier in the week, but they don't think he remembered afterwards that Carole was gone. Randy and Carole became a couple in 9th grade in 1967, and now left as a couple only four days apart 47 years later.

Travis and Megan have not decided when and where a memorial gathering will be held for their parents. They are planning to take Randy and Carole's cremated remains to Hawaii to scatter them there. Travis told me he will let me know whenever something is planned so I can pass it along to you. He also said it is now OK if anyone would like to comment or post something on Facebook about his parents. Please feel free to forward this message to others who you believe didn't receive it. It is also OK if you would like to post this message or these photos on Facebook. I know many of you have heard the news of Randy's passing by now, but I'm sending this to you in case there are details included here that you had not yet heard. On Saturday Travis asked me to wait until today to send this notice out, since this latest shock was still so fresh only hours after Randy's passing.

I met Randy in our first class the first day of 7th grade at John Muir, actually the first two periods, English and Social Studies. I had been used to always being the tallest and biggest in class, as many of you may remember. Then I arrived at John Muir and in my first class met this "man", Randy!! In another six weeks or so that will be fifty years ago. About five years ago Randy and Carole and I reconnected in a closer friendship. Two and a half years ago during the time I was recovering after surgery from a badly broken ankle and was in a leg cast, in a wheelchair, and couldn't drive, all for seven weeks, Randy and Carole became my primary drivers for my medical appointments, plus took me out for dinner every week. Since that time up to a few months ago we would meet regularly for dinner here in the Santa Clarita Valley where they've lived for 27 years and I've lived for 24 years now. I thought so highly of both of them, and came to love them for their kindness, generosity, and friendship. I'll miss them both very much, but of course nothing compared to the void and huge sorrow their family is enduring right now.

When I sent the notice the other day about Carole's passing I asked any of you who pray to keep Randy and their kids in prayer. Now would you continue praying earnestly for their family, especially Megan, Travis, and Tina, and for Makenna, and Gavin who loved their "Papa" so much. They are all hurting deeply during this tragic time in their young lives.

Alan Landros


To those who knew our parents,
As you know, my sister Megan and I lost our beloved parents, Randy and Carole Ivey, just under two weeks ago. We have been working on putting together a memorial to honor their memory but due to the overwhelmingly large response from so many family, friends, classmates, and former teachers that have expressed interest in attending, we have decided to postpone their Memorial. We are going to have a private Memorial for our family this Sunday, our parent's 40th wedding anniversary, and then begin planning a public gathering for everyone who would like to join us in celebrating the lives of two amazing people who touched so many lives in their 62 years. They both had such an amazing way of making everyone they encountered lifelong friends and we are so proud of them for that. We always knew how special they were, but as we have been working on this Memorial we have been blown away by the amount of people who are willing to come from all over to say good bye and celebrate the lives of both of our parents. We would also like to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, support, flowers, cards, and words of encouragement during this difficult time in our lives. They were the best parents, grandparents, and friends that we could have ever hoped for and they will be deeply missed by all of us. In lieu of flowers, my sister and I would ask that a donation be made in their name to the American Diabetes Association. Not only did our immediate family battle this disease for so many years, but so many of our extended family are still living with and fighting this disease on a daily basis. We will be providing details regarding their Memorial just as soon as we have them. Thank you all for your love and support.
Travis Ivey

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  1. Forgive me if I am wrong, and please tell me if I am, but I think he played football for BHS, and didn't he carry the ball to a touchdown when we played Burroughs (the state champs in 1967, which we beat) when he got the football by mistake as a lineman and ran the entire length of the field to claim it, it seemed to me at the time? I believe so. Good for him! The story goes that he kept trying to pass it over to Tom Bennet, but Tom kept motioning to him to do it himself. Which he did. He is now with God, and knows only the pure love that abounds there.