Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vic Moon, BHS '66 (1948-2007)

Today Elizabeth Lynn Moon posted on BHS Memorial Facebook wall:

"Happy Birthday little brother (Vic Moon '66) you are missed and much loved."

I didn't know he had passed away and was sorry to read this. When I asked how he died and if I could put a notice here, she wrote:

"Vic died January 16th (or early 17th), 2007. Five years plus already. I imagine it was the cancer that finally got him, but it was basically Viet Nam and the Agent Orange."

August 17, 2012 UPDATE

Received this from Elizabeth...

Hi, Cathy!

This is an email I sent out letting friends know of Vic's passing back those five years ago.

You're welcome to use any part of it for the memorial page that you think is appropriate.

My dear friends and loving friends of Vic Moon,

The night of January 16-17, 2007 my dear and special little brother, Vic passed peacefully out of his body and on to a much easier existence in his new light body form. I am told that friends who knew it was close stopped by to check on him and his newly departed form was sitting in his chair with the remote in hand in his own home; a good way to go.

For those who measure the value of life in money and accomplishments, please know that Vic was rich in a much more enduring form. He was surrounded all his life with a loving, supportive family of friends and he chose his path. There is no greater wealth.

While we all have every right to express whatever sorrow comes up for our loss, please never doubt that for Vic this is undoubtedly a joyous time, for he has shed a form that has long been difficult, and now that wonderful upbeat, fun-loving spirit bears no more shackles.

For me I ask that condolences not be the form of communication. I want to focus on his release and lightness. I would love, however to hear any fun, warm and fond memories of Vic you have to share. My email is

I don’t remember Vic ever being “down”, although pain was his partner most of his life, and most assuredly daily, since shortly after his return from Vietnam due to a motorcycle accident that almost cost his life.

Vic loved his yearly visits to Nanaimo, B.C. Canada to spend a fun-filled summer week with two dear friends, others he grew to know and love, and the festivities of the week of Silly Boat Races and the famous Bathtub Races. I was so intrigued by this habit that I joined him one week a few years ago and understand completely!

I don’t think there’s a place that meant more to him and so that will be the place his physical form will reunite with the earthly elements.

Because friends and family are in remote places, and because I honestly don’t believe Vic would have wanted a cluster of grieving people to be the last memory of him, I’d like to suggest the following:

On Friday, January 26th either go to a hamburger place (Vic loved Bob’s and we always went there when we were down for a visit) and have a hamburger, send him some love and/or warm wishes and if you feel like it and are with others, share stories of your good memories of Vic.

Or if you prefer, pour your favorite drink (alcohol or not – your preference) or go to a bar or club that makes you feel “at home.”

Vic loved this one and I’m sure his friends will be there:
Blue Room
(323) 849-2779
916 S San Fernando Blvd
Burbank, CA 91502

Map it | Get directions
Have a drink and likewise enjoy yourself, think good and loving thoughts of Vic, share stories and laugh. Let’s make it a virtual (and/or global) gathering of good memories and warm hearts to connect and launch him at 6:00pm PST (you might want to arrive at your target site a bit earlier) on Friday, January 26th.

Laughter is a requirement. Vic was really good at that, had a wonderful sense of humor, and I know he would rather be sent off with laughter than with tears.

Elizabeth Lynn Moon

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