Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dave Reback BHS '63 (1945-2012)

Sad news from Rudy Tirre via Pam Kirkwood...

For those of you who remember how fun it was in High School, and the friends we had made and how long it has lasted. I say this with sad news. This event I got a call from DeeDee Nelson (Fredrickson),saying that Dave Reback had passed away this morning from a heart attack. If you were a class ahead of us or behind us, everyone knew the Rebacks, Bob and Dave. Dave leaves behind Judy, his wife and two sons.

I am so sorry to pass this sad news, he was such a very good friend and brother not only to me but to others.




David Reback

Reback, David Mark
August 3, 1945 - January 31, 2012

David died on January 31, 2012. He is survived by his mother, Edith, brother, Robert, wife, Judy, two children, Matthew and Daniel, daughters-in-law, Ann and Amy, grandchildren, Carter, Avery, Tyler, and Jack, and nieces and nephews, Meredith, Jessica, Michael, Dave, John, and Patricia.

David was born on August 3, 1945, and grew up in Burbank, CA. At Burbank H.S., he was student body president and captain of the football team. He then obtained his BS and teaching credentials at UCSB. In August of 1965, David married his high school sweetheart, Judy Haugh. They moved to Orange County in 1968, where David taught high school and coached football at Orange H.S. before moving into sales. Most recently, he worked alongside his lifelong friend, Mike Schackne.

David was always friendly and warm, and was quick to laugh. He enjoyed family and friends and was first to offer a helping hand. He held a special passion for the sport of cycling, which he enjoyed especially with his brother, sons, and friends in OC. He is and will be missed.


Received this touching email today...

This morning, I received these pix and the following message from Gerry Mylroie '63 regarding the message I had forwarded to him about the sudden passing of Dave Reback BHS '63...Pam

Shocked. I just saw this message from Pam and Jud.

During this last Christmas visit from Maine, for my mother's 98th birthday too, Dave and I met for breakfast and then for over two of the most memorable hours of stories and laughter with my family.

We talked about all of you and the great times at BHS, his never ending love of Judy, how proud he was about this son's and their families, his mother (98 too), his brother Bob and his family. We also talked about working with Mike Schnackne, and about Mark Franzen, MaryEllen Blaine and Chuck Wendling, Kathy Clarke, Kathy Bruner, Sharron McDowell, Laurel Shear, Robin Norwood, Ginny Gfeller, John Smallenberg, Dennis Milkie, Cary McLeod, Phil Colata, Patty Mitchell, Dee Dee Fredrickson, Ben Carter, Keith Kramas, Gary Cummings, and more. We laughed so hard, we cried over his sales experiences, as well as being the only two student body presidents to play on the BHS golf team and spending afternoons and evenings at DeBell golf course.

He was as always upbeat, an optimist, smiling, energetic, loving life and looking forward to enjoying it with Judy and his grandchildren.

On the way to my mother's home, I got him to pull his car over and we took each others photos in front of our favorite high school filled with so many great memories of being with all of you. The facade had changed, as had we, but the memories will always live on.

I could go on, but I am still in shock.

My deepest sympathies to Judy and his family.

Love and lots of best wishes to all you.

Gerry Mylroie

5 Spoondrift Lane
Cape Elizabeth, Maine 04107
cell 207-712-6333

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