Sunday, November 20, 2011

Don Smith, BHS '65 Passed Away

Once again I have to pass on sad news:

Dave Nichols informs us that Don Smith lost his battle with cancer last Friday morning.

There will be a graveside service on Monday, November 28th, at 3:00pm, at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

For further details or information you may telephone Dave at (818) 954-0173.

If I receive any more information I will pass it on.

Trudie Lombard Hentze


Received this today from Cathy Nicholls Coyle (BHS '67) - Thanks Cathy!

Thought you might want to post this photo from a party that Dave Nichols hosted for Don Smith in September of last year. Here are some of his Class of '65 buddies who were at the party:

L to R: Jim Anderson; Ron Ybarra; Don Smith; Les Card; Tom Veatch; Dave Nichols; John Coyle and Adam Rocke.

Dave Nichols planned another get together for Don just last month at the Smoke House; but Don was not able to make it. He passed away 3 weeks later. Rest in Peace dear friend, you were an inspiration to us all!

L to R: Les Card; John Rocke; Dave Nichols; Adam Rocke; Jodi Firgens Gable; Cathy Nicholls Coyle; Santa Vessella Calderon; John Coyle; Tom Veatch and Ron Ybarra


  1. Don, my dear brother-in-law. Will always have him in my heart along with his brother Reece.
    Mary Alice Merritt (Smith) Dickenson

  2. Thank you for leaving me so many wonderful memories, Don. They and you will live on in my heart of hearts forever. Linda Fermoyle Rice

  3. Donald, as your first cousin I remember your
    whole family quite well. I have fond memories
    of a camping trip we took in 1952 to Canada. I
    remember you were in a ski lift in Banff holding on to my dad for dear life, and your
    brother, Reece, hanging on to the lift with your dad. I have lots of memories of our two
    families. I was very sad when I learned of your passing----as well as Reece's passing.

    Cousin Jack