Sunday, June 12, 2011

Email from Jim McKenzie (BHS '62)

Thanks Jim for the great photo! I recognize a few others as well like Vince Goddard, Ted Goldstone and Vern Olson all class '67 (2nd row l-r 1, 2 & 4).

Top row, L-R: Kevin ?, Randy Cotter, Bill Boomsma, Mike Light (JBHS 65), ?, Randy Ziglar, Ken Powers, Jim McKenzie, Emil Evanko.
2nd row, L-R: Vince Goddard, Ted Goldstone, Eldon Fuller, Vern Olson, ?, Richard Moll, Mark Bowler (younger brother of Paul BHS 64), John Ferguson, Chris Smith (JBHS 65).
Front row, L-R: Tim Murphy, Robert Meade, Randy Wood, Al Pinson, Pat Fligg, David Pinson, ? Smith (younger brother of Chris).


I periodically check your blog for BHS info and was truly shocked to learn Pat passed away back in January. Around Centennial time in '08 Pat and I reconnected via Facebook or some other social media venue. At the time, I did not realize that Pat attended USMA and graduated in 1971 or John Ferguson in 1972. I left Burbank right after graduation and never really kept in touch with folks. My ties to Burbank were limited since BHS was my third high school. Anyway, I had the pleasure of being on the USMA faculty 81-84. Pat and I emailed back and forth a few times but I never hooked up with John Ferguson or Ken Powers. All three were good guys when I knew them. Well as good as 10 and 11 year old boys can be.

I have attached a photo taken probably around 1961 at the Burbank YMCA. In the photo is a tall teenager in a black shirt your far right....yours truly (BHS '62). I coached the boys Y swim team for a couple years and lettered swimming a couple years at BHS. Directly to my right is Ken Powers (67), directly below Ken is John Ferguson (68) and bottom row third from your right Pat (67). In addition, to Ken's right Randy Ziglar (64) and bottom row second from your left Rob Meade (66). Thought maybe the picture may draw some interest from your readers.

Don't make it to Burbank much. Last trip was June '08 to visit my cousin Tom Turner (BHS 71, he play QB in those days) and his lovely bride, Pat Dalton Turner (72). They reside in Valencia, CA.

Good job on the blog by the way. Enjoy reading it from time to time. Have fun at Panama City.....went there many times when I was stationed (75-78) up the road at Fort Rucker, AL.

Again sadden by Pat's passing.

Warm Regards,

Jim McKenzie

2021 Harris Drive
Possum Kingdom Lake, TX 76449-4329


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