Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Louis Dominick Basso (BHS '40) 1922-1943

Memorial site for Louis' submarine

My Uncle Louis' parents, Romano and Domania Basso, came to the US in 1902 from Gallio, Italy and went straight to Colorado where they were copper miners. Then they moved to Montana around 1920, also copper miners there. Louis was born in Montana in 1922 on March 20th. He was the youngest of 5 kids. Louis' dad is the brother to my dad's dad, also a miner.

Louis' family came to LA in the late 1920's and settled in Sun Valley, but Louis either lived with my dad's family or used their address. He attended BHS all 3 years and stated in his senior interview that he wanted to go to the Navy and be an electrician. He played 2 years of football, 2 of basketball and 1 year of track.

His surviving 2 sisters and brother told my dad and wife that Louis had his heart set on being an electrician once out of the Navy so that he could earn money and take care of his family as they worked hard to take care of him. He wanted them to be proud of him. Also, he was very close to his mother.

I was just in contact with Bruce Osgood and he just ordered Louis's plaque for the WWII wall at BHS. My dad was there for my daughter's winter choir show and noticed that Louis was not on the wall.

When Louis entered the Navy he was given a manual and on the inside of the cover he wrote a poem. Here it is:

"Our Father, who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name.
Lead me Father, guide me
Help me play life's game.

Answer the prayers of my mother
As she prays for her son
as she thinks of him as a hero,
stout hearted, loyal and true.

Father help her daily,
as she waits for mail from me
Anxiously waiting and praying
For her son who sails the sea.

Let this always be her prayer
As I think of her back there.
Father help me be the man
My mother thinks I am.

Father help me to be clean and strong,
a man amongst men.
True to my flag and service,
For the sake of my mother

Sadly, Louis died when his submarine, the USS Triton (SS-201), was sunk in WW2.


Submitted by Patti Basso Maisner (BHS class of 1975)

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