Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Eddie Meador

LINK TO EMAIL NOMINATION: http://www.profootballhof.com/service/contact.aspx

Marty Uribe (BHS '69), Ed Meador and Bob Gorrie (BHS '70)


My friends and Pals,

Please take a few minutes to go on this web site and encourage the Hall of Fame committee to put Eddie Meador on the ballot. Some of you helped me and the family last year. We were a few votes short. Eddie Meador as some of you know was a great DB with the Rams in the 60s. Read his BIO on his website and you will agree he should be in the Hall of Fame.

Thanks for you time and help!!!

Fight On!!!,


--- On Mon, 8/2/10 ---
From: Coach Meador
Subject: Eddie Meador

Good afternoon, everyone.

On behalf of the children of Eddie Meador, I wanted to write you all and remind you that the HOF Selection Committee (for Seniors) will be convening in Canton in the next 2 weeks for this year's induction. Part of what they will do while they are there is decide on the 1 or 2 Seniors to nominate for 2011.

Since you all have shown special interest in the past year, I thought you may want to consider writing one or two of the Seniors Selection Committee members to plead your case. A list of them is on the HOF website under "Selection Process". They have an asterisk by their names. Then, you could go to our website
http://www.edmeador21.com/ for their e-mail addresses.

Know that the Meador family has been greatly touched by all your support in the past. If you have the desire, please feel free to send a positive e-mail as these committee members get ready to whittle down their list in the upcoming days.

With fingers crossed,
Dave Meador


Just a quick follow up message about the ED HOF project. A quick story of my history with EM.

My brother and family met Eddie Meador several years ago when Marty (brother) received an award from Burbank Rec and Parks. See photo attached. I remember how EM took time out to meet and talk to each one of my family members including me. At the time he was the starting safety for the Rams and was one of the best DB's in the NFL. He was kind, courteous and thoughtful to our family and I remember how impressed I was that a star NFL athlete took the time to come to Burbank to give a sports award and meet each family member. He was a special person and outstanding football player.

Thanks again for all your help!!

Just got this e-mail tonight from Eddie Meador's son Dave Meador.

Please read how to effectively nominate EM for the senior HOF!!!

Thanks so much, Gil. We knew we could count on you and "the nation" to come through!

From what I understand, Dad is being talked about among the "powers that be". I've been told that as long as the committee doesn't get bombarded with long, "cookie cutter" e-mails, and if the e-mails are brief, positive, and contain substance (they are aware of stats and such), then we probably won't tick anyone off or drive their thoughts away from Dad. We learned that lesson last year.

We sure appreciate you guys! Won't it be so cool if we hear his name in the upcoming days?! If that happens, we will surely be proud of him and everybody who had a hand in his nomination.

Thanks so much. Feel free to pass this on to the nation as well!

Go #21,
Dave Meador

Fight On!!!,


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