Friday, April 2, 2010

Ceralbus: What's in a Name?

Made the above collage just now due to this morning's interest in the source of the word, Ceralbus.

First, received this:

Do any of you know the meaning of the word "Ceralbus"? I'm copying Margie Settle Smoak and Ginny Gfeller Smallenburg, both former Ceralbus editors, as I recall. One of our classmates is asking, but it might also make an interesting note in our 45th Reunion Bulldog Barks.

Thank you,

Then I found this:

The first graduating class consisted of three students: Fred Schriener, Ora Schriener and Nettie Frazier, now Mrs. Thrasher. Mr. Will Hoist, a resident of Burbank at the present time, was a graduate of the class of 1911. He was the first Student Body President and originated the name "Ceralbus", which has been used for the name of the BHS annual ever since.


Then received this!

Hi Cathy, Trudie, Margie and Ginny,
What a co-incidence that you should want to know this information.
Just last Sunday, our good friend and classmate, Karin Olson Mather's '64, dear Mom Thelma Hoist Olson BHS winter '36, passed away. Below is the information I sent to Richard Crescitelli '59 (keeper of the BHS Memorial Pages) and Herb Vincent '46, editor of the Senior Bulldog News...
This information can be obtained in the Burbank High 70th Anniversary Book...Pam

Hi Rich and Herb,
A good friend and classmate (Karin Olson Mather '64) just called me this morning to tell me of her Mother's passing. Her Mom was in my Dad's BHS Class of '36...

Thelma Hoist Olson BHS Winter '36

Thelma's father Will Hoist BHS '11, named our BHS Yearbook the "Ceralbus" in the first edition in 1909) It used to be a small literary magazine that came out monthly and sold for 15 cents per copy in those days. Ceralbus is a shortened form of the Latin word "cerulean" (meaning blue), combined with the Latin word "albus" (meaning white), our school colors...

And finally...

Oh Pam, isn't it odd how all those things happen with synchronicity?
I thought Ceralbus meant Blue & White but when I tried the Latin translator, it didn't come up with anything.

Happy Spring to all of you wherever you are.

Ginny (Gfeller Carter Smallenburg) '63

So now we know, fellow Bulldogs!

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